Just Say No: How to Really Survive Holiday Stress

6 ways to soothe holiday stresses

The holidays are meant to be joyous, filled with love, laughter and family. Yet, as beautiful and magical as the holiday season ought to be, it is often tainted with stress. It is hard to escape it. Between the shopping, crowds, traveling, late night parties, family and if you’re in the north, cold weather; stress is synonymous with the holidays. 

One of the biggest contributors to our stress, however, is that we don’t prioritize. We put everyone and everything else first, causing our health, happiness and sanity to be compromised. To manage stress levels so you can fully enjoy, consider the following:

Keep Your Healthy Regimen

It is so easy to let gym days slip, and extra indulgences creep in at this time of year. However, still maintaining some healthy balance when it comes to exercise and eating right is important to managing stress. Exercise releases stress, while eating well will help maintain regularity and optimal levels of energy throughout this hectic season.

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Say No

One of the biggest culprits of the season, is that we often feel compelled to say "yes" even more than during other times of the year.  Say "no" when you need to.  Be realistic about your schedule and what time permits. Also, don't beat up on yourself for saying "no."  Taking care of you will allow you to be productive, to take care of others when it is really necessary.

Build in Downtime

A busy time of year, we often cram so much in that we don’t get in a sufficient amount of downtime. Blocking off alone-time, away from the craziness and requests of everyone else will give your mind and body the rest it needs to go full-steam ahead the rest of the time. Try to block off a bit of time each day to do something that makes you feel relaxed or gives you the break you need.

Shop Online

There are so many reasons to shop online. You avoid so many stress points, including traffic, crowds, lines, bad lighting, and the back and forth from store to store. Spend shopping time at home, and you’ll diminish a great source of stress. 

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Relax with a Cocktail

Drinking a glass of vino or holiday cocktail can do wonders to help melt the stress away. That said, limit yourself to one or two per day, as too much alcohol can cause dehydration, stomach stress and of course, hangovers. None of which help diminish stress.


Sleep ensures we give our body the rest it deserves to rejuvenate and rebuild itself for the next day. Too many late nights can cause major sleep deprivation. Try to manage your time so that you get in a solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night.

The holidays should be enjoyed. Keeping stress levels low, however, are key.  


How do you like to manage your stress during the holidays? 

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