Make Going Back to School Work

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Technology has made it more convenient than ever to obtain a college degree and stay in the workforce at the same time. For women who are also mothers, this convenience is a modern-day luxury because it provides greater flexibility at home alongside career advancement.  

The role of technology in learning comes at a time when women are even more in demand in the workforce than ever. 

Consider these statistics on women from the Department of Labor:

  • Sixty-nine percent of women with children under the age of 18 are in the workforce. 
  • The unemployment rate for women in the workforce was 7.2 percent in 2013, compared with 7.2 percent for men.
  • Thirty-six percent of workers in the education and health services industries are women.

Perhaps one of the most telling stats is this: 37.8 percent of women in the labor force have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and another 12.7 percent have an associate’s degree. As the influence of women in the workforce continues to grow, so will the amount of educated women who are needed to fill important roles. 

Can I really do it all?

If you’ve been considering furthering your own education, but feel like life will only get in the way, take a look at these suggestions for “doing to all.”

  • Include your family. If you are married or have kids (or both), tell your family about your career aspirations and what it will take to achieve them. It will make it easier for them to support you if they know what you are trying to accomplish.The same is true of your close friends. Adding support around you will make your goal more attainable.
  • Get organized. Adding more to your family and working schedule may seem impossible, but with the right planning you can do it all — and do it well. Decide what commitments in your life may need to get placed on the back burner for awhile and ask for help from family and friends if you need it. 
  • Consider education an investment. It can be difficult to even fathom taking on another financial responsibility, especially if you are barely making ends meet already. Keep in mind that there are many affordable routes to a college degree including scholarships, government grants and federally-backed loans. Make sure you gauge your potential future earnings. You want your income to outweigh whatever you put into your education upfront; try to keep the cost in perspective.

If you’d like to bring education right to your doorstep, check this out:


The decision to further your education is a big step but one that can be a lot less intimidating with the right planning and confidence. Seek out a flexible program that will accommodate your life, and not the other way around. The hard work that you put in upfront will pay off in the long run in the form of a fulfilling career and higher quality of life for you and your family.

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