Make the Walk of Shame Less Shameful

5 essentials for adult overnights

It’s time to stop torturing ourselves. The deed is done. And you know what? It was damn fun! So what’s the deal with the dramatic mood shift from utter bliss to head-down shame with, um, oh umm… what was his name?

Alright, so the walk of shame isn’t always coming from the clutches of someone who you only met the night before, whose name you can’t remember, and whose number you didn’t get. It can also happen after, Scenario #2: a date that was planned, proper, and ended exactly as expected- in his bed. It can even occur after, Scenario #3: staying the night at your boyfriend’s house- something you regularly do. The only thing different about this morning is that last night you looked hot all dolled up for a leather & lace-themed birthday party… and now you have to put on that same leather mini, lace camisole that seems much more revealing in the daylight, and studded stilettos, feeling less like strutting and more like slinking from your car to your front door.

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Regardless of which scenario put you in this morning-after predicament, you don’t have to succumb to the shame. After all, it’s really not that big of a deal. Yes, you stayed over at his house and you likely slept with the guy. It happens. To guys too (you just generally can’t tell because guys clothes are less obvious… unless of course he is slinking out of our place in a tuxedo). Still, no need to advertise your affairs in blaring daylight. Here’s how to Cheat the Walk of Shame. Well, cheat the appearance of it. What happened, with who, and just how “shameful” it was… that’s all on you.

5 Walk of Shame-Prevention Purse Essentials

1. Travel or Sample Size Products: Face wash (or cleansing towelette), night cream, and toothbrush.

2. A.M.- after Clothes: Rolled tank top and short shorts stuffed into a shoe bag

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3. Other Sleep Necessities: Can’t sleep without an eye pillow, ear plugs, sleeping tea, or p.m. vitamins? Bring them!

4. Flip Flops OR Rollasole: Depending on the size of your purse, some sort of shoes, flip flops, slippers, or BEST yet: roll-a-soles will be very welcomed the next a.m. Keep in mind stilettos and short shorts are a dead giveaway.

5. Condoms. Guys don’t always have them and your “I’m not going to shave my legs so that I don’t sleep with him” plan… you know is flawed. Suddenly you’re naked and now you’re embarrassed that you didn’t shave. Always keep condoms in your purse, concealed in Just in Case- the super discreet condom holder/compact.

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