Mascara Marvel: 30 Coats and No Clumps!!

I took the CoverGirl Clump Crusher 7 Day Challenge

We all have our own little rituals when it comes to putting on mascara.

Me? I hold my breath, widen my eyes, lean into the mirror, and pray for zero clumps.

More often than not those pesky clumps still cling to my lashes, and then its time to break into my beauty bag of tricks. I grab tweezers, a bobby pin, my eyelash comb, whatever I can, to lift out that goop and separate my lashes just so. (It’s an art, really.)

The fab folks at COVERGIRL understand what we beauty junkies go through! That’s why they’ve launched Clump Crusher Mascara.

COVERGIRL promises zero clumps, even after 30 swipes, so GalTime put this mascara to the test. For 7 days straight, I layered coat upon coat of the stuff and documented the gorgeous results.

First, take a look at the brush. The secret to Clump Crusher lies in the bristles. The space between them is smaller than the average clump size, stopping those babies before they even start to form.

There’s also no need to wipe the brush when you pull it from the tube. It almost feels like the excess is squeezed from the wand as you remove it, leaving the perfect amount of formula behind. And speaking of formula, it’s the LashBlast recipe that you know and love, meaning it’s not thick or goopy.

Because the shape of the wand mimics the natural curve of your eye, I found that it really grabs hold of every lash. It gripped each one at the root, giving it skyscraper height as I wiggled it up. I could also use the scooped side of the brush to fan my fringe out, meaning my trusty eyelash brush is going to start collecting some dust!

Take a look at the results of my week-long trial below:

Notice how even after applying 30 or more layers of mascara, my lashes don’t look "crispy" or like I’ve overdone it. Yes, there’s some product buildup (Day number 5, I’m lookin’ at you!), which caused a few lashes to stick together, but that’s to be expected with so many coats.

My lashes also look dark and dramatic, with an almost lacquer-like quality! I didn’t apply mascara to my lower wispies so you could see the difference for yourself.

Most importantly, there are truly ZERO clumps! Amazing, right? Clump Crusher is destined to be a cult favorite!

You can find COVERGIRL's Clump Crusher on display in select stores now, and at mass market retail outlets nationwide in January 2013. At the suggested retail price of $6.99 a pop, it's available in 4 shades: very black, black, black brown, and brown. 

And be sure to visit for the latest beauty news from COVERGIRL!

*Disclaimer: The product(s) reviewed in this article was provided to GalTime by the public relations firm that represents the manufacturer. All opinions are those of the author. This post is sponsored by CoverGirl.



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