Must-Have Workout Wear for This Season

I don't know if I hate working out or just hate what I wear to work out. The ill-fitting XL t-shirt nabbed free with my cell phone and well-worn maternity yoga pants haven't exactly inspired me to keep moving. And with spring nearly sprung, I can't hide under oversized sweaters forever. You guys, it's time to shape up for summer!

Five minutes into my self-imposed "Operation: Swimsuit" cardio quest, I realized that if I was going to feel like a hot mess stepping into a new workout routine, I at least owed it to myself to look good doing it.

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But what do I need? Where do I start? What should I buy? There are just so. many. options!

Instead of curling up into the fetal position in the women's section of my local sporting goods store (believe me, I considered it), I decided to consult SELF's Senior Market Editor, Kristen Saladino for the latest trends in workout wear!

GalTime (GT): What are the latest trends in workout wear?

SELF: Printed leggings are all the rage! Neons are still hot too. The brighter the better. If you aren't ready for full on highlighter colors and prints go for a bright colored sports bra and layer it under a tank.

GT: Can quality workout wear actually improve your workout? 

SELF: Definitely. You want to make sure you get the most out of your workout gear. Remember you’ve got to think about comfort and performance as well as style. Your fitness gear should keep you cool when you need to be and warm when necessary. Fashion and function should go hand and hand.

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GT: Are there basic rules for fit and function when shopping for workout wear?

SELF: One of the most important pieces of fitness gear for women is a proper fitting sports bra. While trying the bra on, do this simple test. Touch your toes. Do your girls stay in place? Jump around. Is everything secure? You want the bra to have a snug fit but not be too restrictive that you can't breathe. SELF works with the top bra-fitting experts for advice on finding the right size and style.

GT: What are SELF experts wearing to work out?

SELF: We are spoiled since we get to try a lot of different brands. But we all love a great fitting black cropped capri pant. You can never go wrong. They are classic. Now you can find pairs that have lightning bolts down the side or cool neon detailing. Seamless is a favorite as well. Comfort is key!

GT: Have any favorite new workout pieces to share?

SELF: lululemon’s “NO LIMITS" tank is a sports bra and breathable tank all in one. Great for running on the treadmill or yoga. I love the graphic stripe detailing and the breeze on my belly.

What are your favorite workout pieces?

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