No Ring? No Man? No Problem!

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The mark of a good relationship is one that can evolve and adapt through life’s challenges, so it comes as no surprise that women’s ideas on love and relationships are also ever-evolving. From wedding rings to online dating, females are adjusting their attitudes toward single life, dating and marriage.

Here are four ways women are shifting the way they think about relationships:

1. No ring isn’t necessarily a proposal deal breaker

No Ring No Man No ProblemWhile every girl dreams of a romantic proposal that involves her guy getting down on one knee and pulling out a giant, sparkling engagement ring, the lack of a ring does not have to equate to the lack of an engagement. JDate recently conducted a poll and discovered that 63 percent of women would maybe or definitely accept a proposal without a ring.

While men may delay uttering those four magical words to save up three months’ salary for a giant rock and lock in a “yes,” perhaps they should consider that the question itself is much more important than the hardware with which it typically comes. With more than half of women reporting that they would consider saying yes sans ring, it just goes to show that us ladies do have our priorities in order. And who knows? Stripping away the pressure of the perfect ring could leave the door open for an even more romantic gesture of love.

 2. Women are more selective when it comes to commitment

The dating landscape has changed vastly in the last few decades making women more selective when committing to a significant other as a result. As the community manager for JDate, I’ve seen firsthand how online dating has changed the way people meet and find love.

Dating sites open up a whole new pool of singles providing women with more options at their fingertips. Furthermore, most online dating sites feature search functions, in-depth questionnaires and compatibility ratings, which gives women a wealth of vetting tools to use before they even head out on that first date.

With the help of modern day technologies, women can be choosy when searching for the right guy to build a lasting relationship with, not to mention save hours by avoiding bad dates with the guy that seemed to have it all together after a five minute conversation in a dark bar.

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