Plan a Valentine Love Fest with Your Family!

by Tracey Doull, founder of

Do you find yourself scrambling to find a sitter and under pressure to go out, and have a romantic dinner with your loved one each and every Valentine’s Day? This year; why not take the pressure off, save date night for a night that actually works (without the crowds and specialty menus), and celebrate Valentine’s Day family style.

  • Have the kids and your spouse dress for the occasion. Just because you’re dining in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up!

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  • Start with a little bubbly - champagne for the grow ups and a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the little ones. Place a few frozen raspberries or blueberries into champagne glasses, pour and get toasting!

  • Put your little artists to work. Have them create Valentine’s inspired placecards for the table. Look through old magazines, use old cards, gift bags or wrapping paper to create one of a kind masterpieces.
  • Don’t go the obvious route with roses as a centerpiece, but instead fill a vase with homemade Valentines. Each family member can write an “I love you because …” card to all the other family members and take turns reading them aloud throughout the meal.  

  • Give everyone a specific job – setting the table, filling water glasses, loading the dishwasher. Work as a team and take the opportunity to practice good manner and proper eating etiquette

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  • For a first course, go with a simple salad. Have it completely prepped leaving only dressing and tossing to be done before serving.
  • For the main course, choose make-ahead sides and put a grown-up in charge of the grill (indoor or outdoor).

  • For dessert, add fruit to your sweets.  Try Kitchen Moxie’s Scottish Shortcakes; layers of pancakes, fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Sure to please everyone at the table.
  • Lastly, drink in every moment of this special family time! Gather the ones you love around the dining table for a very special Valentine’s Day dinner.

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How will your family celebrate Valentine's Day together?

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