Real 'Magic Mikes' Reveal: The 8 Kinds of Male Strippers

by Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield

[ Ed note -- This is an excerpt "Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers", field notes on the real business of stripping by authors Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield]

The guys we work with are, for the most part, some of the coolest people on earth, and they come from a huge diversity of backgrounds and a wide range of nationalities. We worked with guys who came to the United States from all over the world, including Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, New Zealand, Iran, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Germany, Mexico and Africa.

One of the reasons for the diversity of club dancers is that the club owner hires any guy who can make him money. In other words, you can get a job stripping in a club even if all you have is potential, so strippers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and temperaments. We have worked with guys as young as high school age, to one guy in his eighties. We’ve worked with dancers as short as five-feet-two and as tall as six-feet-eight, weighing from 120 to more than 300 pounds.

But there are some classic archetypes each club seems to have at one time or another. Here are a few.

I’m-Too-Sexy-to-Work-Out Guy: This guy is too full of himself. Probably started dancing at a young age and his career took off with a bang. He didn’t have to work out to look good or work too hard to get attention, so he never developed good habits. Now that he is in his early thirties, he is out of shape but thinks he can still do it without working out. He can’t figure out why he doesn’t make as much money as he used to.

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The Nice and Innocent Guy: Yes, he does exist. Everyone likes him and he is always in a relationship.

Photo Credit: Ellora's Cave

Smart Guys: These guys have college degrees and ways of making money other than dancing. They know that dancing for extra cash, and not for their careers, is the best way to stay ahead. These guys build various businesses after leaving and often earn six-figure incomes being their own boss.

Mr. Money Balls: Some guys will bring dollar bills to work and put them in their money roll to make it seem as if they are making a killing. One guy had us fooled for years into thinking he was making a lot. After a night he went onstage and there wasn’t one girl in the club, we realized it was an illusion, as he walked offstage with a huge wad of dollar bills in his underwear. The other dancers quickly called him out about it.

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Wanna-be Famous Guy: Every other dancer is trying to be a model or actor. Some have been in print commercials and film, though usually just as extras on the set. These guys tend to float from club to club and perform roadshows a lot.

Photo Credit: Ellora's Cave

Whipping Boy: This guy always gets into a relationship with the wrong girl, usually another stripper who totally dominates the relationship. She sleeps around and he convinces himself that she is really a good girl. Guys at a club are known to sleep with each other’s girlfriends. It’s an alpha-male thing.

Guy Who Sucks and Doesn’t Know It: We all try to give him some advice, but he thinks he knows better, even though he bombs onstage every time he goes up. This guy usually has an outdated look, or outdated act and costumes.

Too Damn Old to be Stripping Guy: There is a type of man who will dance until he can dance no more. In his mid-fifties or older, he has evolved into a swap meet on stage. In order to get the girls up to the stage, he gives out posters, key chains, thongs, feathers, pictures, plastic flags and cowboy hats—pretty much anything you can find at a dollar store.

And, finally, the…

Overly Confident, Cheesy Pick-up Line Guy: For some reason, it actually works, though. Why do women fall for this cheesy crap?

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In "Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers" (Ellora’s Cave, 2012), Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole bare all. Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole have danced for women in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Canada and in hundreds of clubs across the United States. Both are also cover models for Ellora’s Cave, the first and foremost publisher of erotic romance, have appeared in Playgirl magazine, and have won industry contests including “The Great American Strip Off” and “Mr. Hedonism.”  "Take It Off!" is available  at, and

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