School is Out: Are You 'CyberWise'?

by Sue Scheff 

Summertime can consist of a lot of screen time. It is a fact that kids spend a lot of time in the cyber-world during the lazy summer months. As parents, we need to be sure they are in safe and secure cyberspace, with people that are legitimate—we need to Be CyberWise. It is also beneficial if you could find a place in cyberspace that could not only entertain your daughter, but also inspire her—encourage her to reach for her dreams. Maybe this could be her summer. And parents, it could be your time, too!

After all, Sweety High is officially open and Be CyberWise is expanding so you can become a PRO!

Sweety High is all about wish fulfillment and supporting girls, their dreams, goals, and desires, and allowing them to become all they can be! They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cyber bullying, and privacy is a top priority at Sweety High, too. The platform has implemented the strictest COPPA compliant Privacy Policy, uses Privo’s seal of approval (the most advanced moderation system in the market), and rewards girls for learning how to protect themselves online.

Sweety High's community team works closely with psychologists and online law enforcement officers to ensure that Sweety High maintains a secure environment. Since it is a closed site, non-users can’t view any content on the site, which was a strategic move to help prevent predators.

So what can your daughter accomplish at Sweety High this summer?

She can showcase her talents in videos and share them with other Sweety High girls. Whether your daughter loves acting, dancing, singing, fashion design, writing, photography, poetry, or art she can design her own video and upload it to Sweety High. She can add other girls as her friends, or share common interests through the fan clubs, the video channel, or the photography gallery. Soon your daughter will find a support group of peers with her own interests. These friends will not only empower her, but also be part of a culture that believes in creativity and encouragement. With over 150,000 wonderful girls from all over the country already signed into Sweety High, your daughter is sure to meet many wonderful friends.

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A few requirements have to be met to be accepted into Sweety High:

  • Between the ages of 8–18 years old
  • No cyber bullying allowed
  • Embrace the Triple E policy at Sweety High: Empowerment, Encouragement, and Entertainment

(I made up the last requirement) since I just love their entire concept—their site is sparkling with excitement and happiness. Okay, let's face it, life isn't always a box of chocolates, but I bet if you pop into Sweety High, you would find that support you need to put a smile on your face and sunshine in your heart.

"No Child Left Behind" is a common phrase we have heard when it comes to education. However, when it comes to technology, the tagline should be "no parent left behind." No Grownups Left Behind (tm) is the slogan that Be CyberWise is founded on. It is time all adults start stepping up to the keyboard and take that digital leap!

Parenting in today's world means keeping up with technology. Social networking is part of our kids' culture and it's not going away—on the contrary, it is expanding. 

The Internet is expanding, it is evolving, it is producing more educational tools—and sadly creating more ways criminals can creep into our lives—and worse, into our children's lives. This is why Be CyberWise is one of the best resource centers (websites) I have landed on in a long time.  

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What can Be CyberWise offer parents?

  • CyberCivics - Learn about digital literacy
  • CyberNews - What is going on in digital current events
  • CyberWhy's - Digital reasons why parents need to be ahead of the learning curve of their kids
  • StayWise - Keeps you up-to-date with trends on Facebook and other social media, mobile learning, apps, and Internet things going on.
  • Videos - All of Be CyberWise's videos are unique, articulate and extremely easy to understand.  They are short, and parents will find they can actually learn from them! These are my favorites!

Founded by two moms in 2011, Diana Graber and Cynthia Lieberman decided it was time for grownups to become cyberwise. Their passion and dedication to educating parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids alike is evident when you browse through their extensive website full of priceless information.

So whether your daughter is signing into Sweety High and learning to create a positive image or you are becoming a cyber-smart parent, be sure your summer is full of safe and secure fun—whether it is online or off.

Remember parents, the Internet is known as the world's largest tattooing machine. As we bring our children into cyber-life let's start them off with good digital safety and privacy skills. Be a good digital role model. Be Cyberwise and they will be able to enjoy places like Sweety High!

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Sue Scheff is an Author and Parent Advocate. She is the founder of Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc. which has helped thousands of families since 2001 with at-risk teenagers. Her first book, Wit's End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen continues to be resource for many parents raising teens today.  Sue Scheff has been featured on many media outlets such as Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray Show, ABC 20/20, CNN Headline News, In Session, Anderson, Fox News, CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Forbes, Washington Post, Parenting Magazine and many more.

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