Sizzling Hot Summer Buys & Fall Markdowns

plan your purchases to save big

Whether it's a barbeque pit, some tchotchkes for the mantle or a new car-- it helps to know when to buy. Just like the seasons come and go, so do the best deals. Being savvy about when to buy is one of the easiest ways to save big. Here's the inside scoop on what to snap up this summer and fall.

Sizzling Hot Summer Buys & Fall Markdowns


Hit the car lots in September or October. This is when the new models are delivered, creating a bit of a traffic jam on the lots. Dealers will give bigger markdowns on last year’s models to make space. It's also worth taking the day off from work and heading to the dealership on a weekday. You'll feel less pressured because fewer people shop for cars Monday through Friday. Another bonus-- salespeople won't be as rushed or distracted. They'll also have more room to negotiate with fewer customers around to overhear (and ask for) your good deal.

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Household Decor

If you decorate your home in a vibrant palette, then September is the time to save on decor. All those bright summer dishes, tablecloths, and other home items will be priced to move. Earth tones more your taste? Head to the stores post Thanksgiving to find decor markdowns that will be more to your liking.


We all know about the white sales in January but did you know August has great linen sales as well? It's a great time to pick up over-sized towels and other bath items.

Patio and Lawn

Looking to spruce up the lawn or patio? Late August through September is a smart time to scoop up savings on lawn furniture, barbeque pits, gardening supplies, and lawn mowers. Even those adorably tacky lawn gnomes are discounted.

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Sporting Goods

The prices of summer sporting goods hit rock bottom in September. This is the best time to grab items for team sports, running, and anything that involves a ball. If you’re looking for some new fishing gear, head to the stores in October. Think big box stores-- not sporting good stores. What you sacrifice in selection you'll make up for in savings.

Pool Accessories

Everyone knows bathing suits get marked down in August, but so do all of the other pool related items you might need. Filters, covers, chemicals, and even floating basketball hoops are best bought in late August.

Office and School Supplies

With steals like $.24 boxes of crayons and $.19 bags of pens-- could back to school bargains get any better? August is a great time to find discounts on school and office supplies. Stock up for the year and think outside the box. Those $.24 packages of crayons can also make great favors for kid’s birthday parties. And other cheaply priced "school" items like zipper binders make great coupon binders or home filing systems.

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What are you favorite summer and fall bargains? Tell us in the comments!

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