Something New: 3 Wedding Accessories You Need Now

First come the invites; then, the questions: how casual is too casual?  Does that micro-mini dress with the stomach cut-outs qualify as cocktail? Wait, what does cocktail even mean? Before getting boggled by the specifics, it’s time to stock on some universal summer wedding season staples.

We’ve searched and scoured to unveil the must-have accessories that you’ll adore long after the last dance – which is more than you can say about that frilly mauve number holding court in the back of your closet.

On Pointe: Channel your studio days while saving your feet in a pair of Linge ballet flats ($59). Designer Whitney Evans’ made-for-outdoors ballet slippers, crafted from a super soft buttery leather, come in enough shades to give the Crayola 64 Big Box a run for its money. Not only will they offer your swollen feet a much-deserved stiletto break, they’ll lend a girlish vibe to any look. Bonus: stash an emergency pair in your handbags for travel. You’ll thank us later!

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What a Stud: Don’t get us wrong – we love an over-the-top nail and art deco ear dangler as much as the next girl, but there’s always been something sophisticated and sweet about a pretty pair of studs. Especially when they’re handcrafted by jewelry designer Rachel Ball, a small town girl turned Seattleite who opened her shop, Elephantine, in 2009. The delicate Nova ($24), set in 14k gold-filled studs, won’t tangle up your hair on the dance floor.

Heart Attack: Planning to rock a simple dress? Preserve your pricey designer purses and transfer your goodies to a fun-loving tote. Hair accessory powerhouse’s crimson heart stencil-on-canvas-sack ($20) is simply sweet. Post party, use it to sweeten up the yoga studio, stash your makeup, or invite frisky conversation on the airplane. 

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