Sometimes The Best Gift Is to Listen


There are times when your friends or loved ones are hurting and they reach out to you.

Understand at that moment that they are not asking you to save them, solve their problems, or tell them what to do. They only want you to bear witness to their pain, their shame, or their grief, seeking the light of friendship to dispel the darkness that ravages within.

Do not be uncomfortable, do not feel pressured to have answers. The only right action is to be quiet and to pay attention; as you listen, listen with integrity, honor their trust in confiding in you,and, most of all, don't judge.

The greatest gift you can give a friend in need may be your silence, which is not the same thing as your indifference.

Today, reach out to a loved one you know is hurting and offer to listen - and then, do just that. Listen to not only what is said, but what is unsaid.

LISTEN - with your heart, not just your ears.

Nan is an internationally-acclaimed Intuitive Counselor, author, and radio host. Through her radio and TV appearances, her syndicated blog, her books, and her private counseling sessions, she has helped millions of people achieve clarity, peace, and healing. Nan uses intuition – vs. psychology – to deliver comfort, closure, and peace about current life situations.



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