Springtime Flower Arranging 101

by Carrie Waller

Once spring officially begins, it can be torturous waiting on the green foliage to wake up from its winter hibernation. Thankfully, we can turn to fresh cut flowers from our local grocery store, or farmer’s market to help pass the time until those first signs of spring really start to emerge.

To help you through the transition, allow me to show you which varieties to choose this time of year, a little trick to arrange arrant stems, and the secret to fighting a black thumb.

Seasonal Know How

Just like fruit, fresh flowers have their own seasons. For best results when planning floral arrangements at home, stay up to date on what’s in bloom this time of year. Tulips, ranunculus, sunflowers and snap dragons are ripe for the picking in April, for example. While in May, keep an eye out for peonies, paper whites and sunflowers. Once we move into the hotter months, zinnias make a bold appearance, as do hydrangeas, chrysanthemum and dianthus. By choosing your flower varieties wisely, you’ll guarantee the longest lasting color – not to mention the best price, as out-of-season flowers are often imported and delicate.

Grid Marks the Spot

If you’re one of the millions suffering from Floral Phobia (the inability to arrange store-bought flowers in a pleasing manner), don’t worry – we’ve got the cure! Instead of placing a bouquet of flowers in a vase and hoping they’ll land artfully when you let go, use this simple shortcut. Grab a roll of masking tape - any size will do - and tape out a grid pattern on the top of your vase. The individual open squares dispersed evenly across the opening will allow you to experiment with stems in different places. Try putting taller blooms through the center of the grid, while allowing the shorter flowers to drape around the edges. The polished results will look effortless, and only you will know the secret to your success.

Banish the Black Thumb Woes

Fresh flowers are a luxury no matter how you look at them. Yet for some of us, they are nothing but a luxurious dream thanks to a combination of bad luck and a pesky black thumb. If wilted petals and brown leaves are getting you down, try infusing your space with succulents. Available in a wide variety of colors, like green, red and purple, these hardy cactus-type plants are difficult to kill and actually thrive the less you care for them. The best part about using succulents over a floral bouquet is that they last five times as long. You can happily enjoy the beauty and texture of this indoor plant for months, versus the mere days allotted cut flowers.

Whether you’re looking to fill your home with flowers every week or simply for a Sunday brunch with the girls, springtime arrangements don’t have to be overwhelming. With a few simple tricks in your back pocket, you’ll be feeling like a master floral stylist in no time!

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Carrie Waller is a freelance writer and designer, as well as the creative director of lifestyle and DIY blog, Dream Green DIY. She lives in Lynchburg, Virginia alongside her husband and 3 "babies" - a hound dog and two rambunctious felines. Find her on PinterestFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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