Still Time to Snag THE Best Holiday Deals

Black Friday 2012 has come and gone, and just like the side effects of eating too much turkey, you may be in a fog. Did you find the best deal? Save enough money? Buy the right gift? Fret not, there's still 3 weeks to find the best gift at the best price. Just follow these tips, and you're golden. 

 1. Not all Free Shipping offers are created equal

Free shipping offers are a dime a dozen, but not all of them should be considered a deal. Look for offers that apply to big tickets items like flat screen tv's, as well as smaller gifts. Say no to anything that requires a minimum purchase. Remember, you are trying to save money, not spend it.

 2. It takes two, to give one gift

 When shopping for couples like aunts and uncles, parents, newlyweds, etc. buy a "couple" gift. Use sites like Groupon and Living Social to find deals on wine clubs, theater tickets, and more. You're basically reaffirming how awesome their union is, but for 60% off.

 3. Keep your friends close, and your coupons closer

 With so many coupons flooding the market this holiday season, you're at risk for choosing the wrong one. Before checking out, compare your savings. Does 10% off beat that free shipping offer? If not, time to move on. Do the math, so that whatever choice you make, you walk away a winner.

 4. Social Butterflies Need Apply

 You spend plenty of time on Facebook liking photos, posts, and your friend's music choices. Why not "like" your favorite stores? Retailers are no longer social media novices, but mean, green, tweeting machines. You'll find coupons, sale alerts, even inventory notifications on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and more.

 5. Always Shop with Cash Back
A no brainer to those who are a members, shopping with Ebates is a must. Why? Because you get paid to shop! Imagine getting a kick back for every purchase you make, in addition to finding coupons, and other deals. The savings add up, and in the form of a Big Fat Check. 

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