Super Bowl: What sporting events tell you about a guy

Why Sporting Events Make Great Dates

With the exception of baseball, I am not a big sports fan. But I am a big fan of attending a sporting event as a date. Sporting events can give you great insights into who you're dating and what to expect from them -- and what to expect when you're with them outside of the stadium, away from the field and when a ref is not around.

What his ticket tells you

Your education about your date begins before he even leaves the house. Is your date a season-ticket holder? If so, this guy is serious. Season-ticket holders fork over big cash to attend games, which means that he has prioritized his budget and his schedule to be there. If you plan on dating an NFL season-ticket holder (and let's not assume just yet that you will be sitting in the seat next to him at every game), you might want to join an afternoon book club or sign up for hot yoga on Sundays next fall. Or maybe you can master the sport and get invited to a game or two. But whatever you do, don't expect him to stop going to games so he can hang out with you. It's not going to happen and if you push for it, he's going to resent you.

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What his tailgating says

Now that you have your ticket info, the next thing you need to know is how your guy tailgates. Does he keep a beer funnel in his trunk and pull it out once he parks in Section C with all his old frat buddies? Or does he visit his butcher on game day and select rib eyes for the two of you and the friends you'll be meeting?

Once you arrive, does he toss you a beer in a can or does he introduce you to his friends, pour you a glass of cabernet and ask you to help him man the grill? The way he parties can say a lot about a guy. Does he know how to eat and drink like a gentleman or is he a grown up trying to relive his college years? And which do you prefer?

What his cheering (and jeering) reveals

Inside the stadium, does your date play well with others? Does he give the stink eye to people rooting for the opposite team or is he cordial to the other fans seated around you? 

How does he treat you during the event? Does he ask if you're hot or cold? Hungry? Thirsty? Does he involve you in the game with comments like, "Did you see that?!" If he treats you well and considers you in a scenario in which he's most likely seriously distracted, that's a good sign that he'll consider you all the time.

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Is he a big loser?

Finally, how does he handle a loss? Some sports fanatics slip into serious depression after their team tanks. Some guys can't speak to anyone for hours. They may be depressed for days. Take note of his reaction when his team loses. If he goes dark and moody, ask yourself if you can handle bouts of misery for days on end. 

And don't forget to enjoy the game. You don't have to be a pro to have a good time watching guys shoot baskets or slap hockey pucks. A high-energy crowd plus an action packed game is a formula for a winning date! 


What great sports event dates have you had?

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