Tame Your Mane: Humidity-Proof Hair Fixes

I don’t know what’s worse: hot, sticky, humid weather, or the affect it has on my hair. Either way, managing frizzies and flyaways can be downright exasperating. You know what I’m talking about, gals: Poofy hair that doubles in size (a.k.a. mushroom hair); locks with zero shine or luster; and greasy strands that seem impossible to manage.

Here’s the good news: With the proper products and tricks, you can tame your mane in a snap and focus your time and energy on enjoying the end of the summer!

So, What’s The Deal With Humidity And Your Hair?

First, a quick (non-scientific) explanation on why humid weather wreaks havoc on our locks. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. Our hair is made up of tiny molecules, and that water vapor basically gets “trapped” in between them, causing hair to become dry, frizzy, puffy, and unruly.

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Got It. Let’s Get To The Mane Tamers, Please…

So now let’s get to the heart (or frizz) of the matter. There are worthy solutions that can keep your frizz factor in check, even in the most humid weather (yes, that includes Texas.) And believe us when we tell you that even the smallest changes can be the difference between frizz city or frizz control!

Lather less ~ During humid weather, you can rely on your hair’s natural oils to help reduce frizz. By washing hair every other day (or even every few days) your hair won’t be as susceptible to drawing in all that moisture. (In other words, the humidity won't wreak as much havoc!)

Arm yourself with dry shampoo ~ Scalp feeling a little sweaty? Reach for dry shampoo. There are a slew of brands available, and at all different price points. This beauty investment will absorb dirt, oil, and product buildup, breathing new life into your locks.

Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Transluscent Dry Shampoo, $22

Absorb oil with mousse ~ Another easy way to sop up the situation is with a puff of mousse. Matrix Artistic Director Ammon Carver (who has worked on celebs like Kate Beckinsale and Molly Sims), gave us the scoop on how to do it right:

1.) Squirt a good amount of mousse into the palm of your hand.

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2.) Take a fine toothed comb and scoop a little of the mousse up with the teeth of the comb.  

3.) Comb the mousse into the hair just at the scalp area.  Apply the mousse in this manner throughout the front and crown of your hair (or anywhere that looks a little "greasy").  

4.) While the mousse is still damp, use the same comb and a blow dryer to direct the hair up and away from the scalp. You get instant lift, and the alcohol from the mousse absorbs the oil!

Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse, $17.32

Smoothing suds ~ A “smoothing” shampoo and conditioner are frizz-fighter musts as they are designed specifically for humidity. They help create smoother, shinier tresses while sealing out the effects of humid weather.

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Pantene Normal-Thick Hair Solutions Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, $4.99-$6.99

Cold fusion ~ That tip you’ve heard about rinsing hair in cold water is true. The cold will close the hair’s cuticle so that it’s less vulnerable to absorbing moisture. Just be sure to maneuver yourself so that the cold water only hits your head (because super cold water on the body just isn’t fun).

Deep conditioning maven ~ A weekly deep conditioner is a must-do. Humidity causes hair to dry out and puff up, but a deep conditioner will coat the strands, making it tougher for moisture to wreak havoc. Johnny Lavoy, L’Oreal Paris Consulting Hair Expert, recommends applying a masque to your locks while enjoying a day at the beach. The sun will actually help the masque penetrate the hair!

L'Oreal EverCreme Deep Conditioning Masque, $7.19

Silicon savior ~ Shine serums have been around forever – and if you’re not using one to fight frizz, add it to your shopping list, STAT. The silicon smooths the cuticle and creates a shield.

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L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Colour Glow, $23

Ionic addict ~ This solution is definitely one of the most important. (There’s a reason your hair always looks amazing when you leave the salon.) An ionic hair-dryer dramatically reduces frizz by emitting a “negative” charge (read: it smooths down the hair cuticles, which helps create a barrier against the moisture in the air). If you only invest in one new hair tool this year, make it an ionic hair-dryer, as it will make a massive difference.

In this corner, we have frizzy hair. And in this corner we have the well-versed hair maven. May the best (wo)man win. (Our money is on the hair maven!) Happy frizz-fighting…

What do you think, GalTimers? Do you have any frizz-fighting tips you swear by? Share ‘em in the comments box below!

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