The Best Way to Sit at Your Computer to Avoid Headaches

Whether you’re working hard on a PowerPoint presentation or playing Candy Crush Saga, the way you sit at your computer can be causing you some major aches and pains — especially tension headaches.

In one study done on office workers, it was found that 58 percent had eye strain, one of the most common headache triggers in high-frequency computer users. Your computer posture can also cause bouts of neck, shoulder, low back and wrist pain, so it’s important to know how to park your tush while in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, curling up on your sofa with a bunch of pillows and your laptop isn’t your best bet for avoiding headaches, but we do have some tips that should make you more comfortable. Here’s some advice from David Kulla, D.C., owner of Synergy Wellness in New York City, on how to properly set up your workstation.

  • Find a space where you can set up a desk and chair.
  • Your computer screen should be elevated so your eyes are level with the top third of the screen.
  • Your keyboard should be positioned at the same height as your elbows.
  • Your mouse should be right next to the keyboard.
  • Your chair should be adjustable and comfortable and offer support for the small of the mid-back.
  • Your chair should be at the correct height so your feet can rest flat on the floor.
  • Make sure your head isn’t leaning forward. Your ears should align with your shoulders and your hips.
  • Your neck should be upright and not cramped or strained, so avoid doing things like squeezing the phone between your head and shoulder.
  • Your elbows should rest comfortably on your sides.

Dr. Kulla says that there are many different types and causes of headaches, so it’s important to take care of your nervous system to avoid getting them.

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