The Next Big Beauty Thing

Once upon a time, in a bathroom cabinet far, far away, a fair maiden stocked serum, primer, tinted moisturizer, and sunblock like it was her job. Her beauty regimen took extra A.M. minutes, but it was well worth it. Then, BB cream (AKA Beauty Balm) was imported from Asia, and it changed everything.

How could such a wonder product possibly be topped?

Well, beauty lovers, the next generation in “amazing skincare” is here: CC cream. And, like it’s predecessor, it comes from overseas.

Also known as color correction or color control cream, think of it as beauty balm that also evens skin tone, brightens, and nourishes. (Yes, it has even more good-for-your-skin benefits.)

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CC cream offers a bit more coverage than your typical BB formula and tends to have a creamier, less “oily” consistency. The “color” options are still the same – “light to medium,” “medium to dark,” you get the picture, but the formula blends a bit more easily.

The whole CC cream phenomenon is just starting to heat up stateside, but you can already find a fabulous version at the drugstore: Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer ($23.99, above). In addition to fixing up uneven skin tone, it promises to help fight fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

A double helix of swirly skincare goodness, I’ve been using this product practically every day. Not only does the fair to light version adapt to my skin tone easily, it makes my stubborn dark spots and blemishes less noticeable. It also leaves me with an airbrushed, dare I say it, seemingly flawless complexion. I find that it’s much thinner than the BB creams in my stockpile, and just couple of drops provides radiant results.

The other CC creams that you can scoop up in the states are Wei East Wei To Go Ideal Skin Perfect Finish ($30) and Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream ($39). Abroad, beauty junkies can’t get enough of Rachel K CC Cream (available online for $39), Chanel CC Cream Color Correction Complete, iFiona Moist Color Control Cream, and Tiannuo Color Control Cream.

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On a side note, are DD creams far behind? Seriously!

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