The Right Way to Care For Sweaters

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Each winter, there always seems to be one sweater that’s sacrificed to the fashion gods. It’s been shrunk to doll-size proportions because you swore you could wash it yourself, or it ends up warped and faded in the back of your closet.

It can be downright maddening – especially when you saved up forever for that amazing Marc Jacobs sweater you had to have, like, yesterday. (Can you tell I’m just a little bitter?)

Here at KnowMore, we’re working hard to minimize sweater-catastrophes, so we chatted with Mary Marlowe Leverette of’s Guide to Laundry for tips on keeping your garments in fighting shape.

the right way to care for sweatersContrary to popular belief, cashmere sweaters don’t always need to be dry-cleaned. Save some dough by learning when to drop them off and when to drop them in the washing machine.

If cashmere is used to make a structured sweater or coat, the garment should be dry-cleaned.

For soft, unstructured, cashmere sweaters, hand wash in cool water using a mild detergent. Cashmere is, after all, the hair of a goat and is used to being wet!

When hand washing, rinse well and never wring.

Dry your sweater flat and reshape during drying.

Got wrinkles? Iron the garment inside out and while its still damp.

Be sure to place a press cloth between the iron and the cashmere. What’s a press cloth, you ask? Basically, it serves as a protective barrier between the iron and the sweater. You can buy one, but clean, household items work just as well. Think cotton towels or dish cloths.

Almost all fabrics can be washed gently, but sometimes it’s the inner linings and construction that can’t get wet. So if the care label says “dry clean only,” believe it!

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