Tips For Rocking Tweed This Winter

Tweed looks great on the Chanel runway – no surprise there – but how do you wear it in the real world without looking totally stuffy? Sharon Graubard, SVP Fashion Director at Stylesight, has your guide to pulling off the look.

What kinds of clothes and accessories are natural choices to shop for in tweed? Tweed is a natural for classic choices like tailored blazers, slim or A-line skirts and leather-trimmed bags. It’s a great way to give your wardrobe an authentic, Anglo-influenced charm. Updated tweed items include slouchy menswear-ish trousers and, surprisingly, feminine dresses (think sheaths and fit-and-flare styles).  The most exciting thing about the new tweed fabrics is that they are soft and cozy — not stiff and scratchy like the tweeds of old.

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Which color combos are the most flattering? Basic salt-and-pepper (black-and-white), as well as earthen browns and heathery greys always look great in tweed, but offbeat colors offer a fresh take, too. Salmon pink, bright green, and aqua are unexpected and fun when used for traditional tailored pieces. Mixed tonal blues can create a cool mélange effect.

What types of outfits should we incorporate tweed into? Tweed has a classic menswear vibe and looks particularly great when juxtaposed with casual sportswear or feminine items. For a timeless yet chic look, pair a tailored tweed blazer with a graphic tee and jeans. A pair of relaxed tweed trousers worn with a silky blouse conjures a 70s-inspired Faye Dunaway look, while a roomy sweater can keep you on trend with an oversized proportion up top. Of course a tweed pencil skirt is a must-have, and works well with almost any top -- a printed blouse, a lacy tee, a snug knit or a little leather/velvet jacket.

How can you rock tweed without looking stuffy? Picking a quirky color or a fresh silhouette is key. A tweed skirt in a flirty flared shape looks fresh when paired with a basic tee and mirrored sunglasses. A green tweed sheath accented with a vibrant pink tote can create a color-blocked take. Leather sleeves give a biker edge to classic tweed styles, while slouchy, voluminous outerwear pieces contrast nicely with tailored dresses.  

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Where can you find affordable tweed items without sacrificing the style factor? Fast fashion brands are a great source for affordable tweed options that are very stylish. Topshop, Zara and ASOS have a variety of items ranging from work-appropriate sheaths to chic biker jackets. Most of these items are offered in offbeat colors, making them more adventurous and fun.

Are tweed purses and clutches a smart investment for winter? A tweed purse or clutch is a great classic item. The wooly fabric makes it season-appropriate for fall and winter, and tweed's textured, multi-colored surface make it work with a variety of colors and fabrics. Look for leather trims and metal details to add even more richness.

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