To-Die-For Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

by Hillary Leonard

On New Year's Day, my four-year-old daughter found the scissors. In the hands of a child, scissors are the most provocative device. So powerful, so sharp, and so many things to cut! My Coco chose to cut her hair. Of course.

Cutting their own hair is a sort of clandestine milestone for most children. Required is the trifecta of mischief: scheming, sneaking, and destroying. When we caught her in the act, I was taken aback by how proud she appeared to be. Surrounded by a pile of her curly locks, my freshly mulletted Coco stood with a confidence that left me dazzled.

No remorse or fear of being punished. I think she was so proud of herself for changing something on her own that any thought of consequence vanished. 

She was being creative. 

Bangs were not butchered, nor her scalp tonsured, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, a definite 'bob' was in order. Like, go straight to the hair salon RIGHT THIS SECOND. 

Oh, and though I was "dazzled by her creativity" don't think for a second that we let this slide. We didn't discipline her, but we talked long and hard about the dangers of using scissors and asking permission and blah blah blah. 

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I actually love her short hair. It is so much easier to manage. Combing her hair each morning was the greatest conflict of our day. That horrible struggle is no longer an issue. Yay for short hair!

It is a very low-maintenance cut, but the girly-girl in me loves to find new ways to style it. With long hair, there are so many options for styling. With short hair, you really have to get creative. She's only had this cut for about two weeks, but here is what I've come up with so far.


These are a cinch. Seriously, a no brainer but they look adorable. Just section off two pieces at the top and pull them into pigtails. This is probably Coco's preferred way to keep her hair out of her face.

Is there anything more adorable than a sporty little ponytail? I just love this look on little girls!

This style will stay put for at least two days. Section off either four or five pieces in little bands. I gathered these into one single ponytail but you can also leave them out for a free and sweet look.


This might look tricky, but it couldn't be simpler. A half up ponytail on top, and bobby-pins to twist and secure the pieces from the bottom. Just pin up a few sections and spritz with hair spray. The good thing about short hair is that you can fan it out and make it look piece-y without a bulk of hair to deal with. My daughter has fine, curly hair so bobby-pins work great. If you're dealing with thick hair, however, you will probably need something more substantial like a clip claw to keep the back pieces secured.

My daughter has fine, curly hair so bobby-pins work great. If you're dealing with thick hair, however, you will probably need something more substantial like a clip claw to keep the back pieces secured.

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If you've seen Breakfast at Tiffany's you'll remember this classic updo from Audrey Hepburn. Like the Peacock undo, just pull it into a half-up pony tail and then pin it into a bun. Section off the bottom into two pigtails and you're done! I actually teased the top a bit to give it a more Hepburnish look.

Really, this is such a great way to do pigtails with short hair! If I were to try and pull her hair into two basic, low pigtails the upper layer would definitely fall out. If your little girl has layers, this is a nice, fresh option to keep the style up all day.

Classic curls. You can't have curls like this and not think of Shirley Temple. I really hope people still know who that is. Bust out the old curling iron or use some rollers--whatever blows up your bloomers.



So...this may technically be cheating. It's not really a hairstyle per se, but this is the sweetest look on little girls. Of course you'll have to talk her into wearing it, but there's always bribery.

Which look is your favorite?

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