Top Pinterest Pages To Polish Your Style

Pinterest is all about what impassions you. That makes picking a few top boards about style incredibly tricky. Here are some beautiful choices that offer a glimpse into some very stylish people’s lives and loves.

Polyvore: For anyone who has ever stood in a clothing store pondering an adorable top and wondering what to pair it with, or anyone who’s played a similar game in their own closet, Polyvore is for you. Like a virtual Barbie, the associated website lets you mix and match pieces to create a style collage that you can pin to your own wall. Their Pinterest page hosts 35 boards with over 3,400 pins of celebrity style, accessories, home décor, hair, nails, and, of course, outfits upon glorious outfits. I see more Polyvore virtual outfits on my friends’ boards than any other fashion related pins due to the ability to create completely custom ensembles and see how each piece works together from head to toe. Want to wear it in the real world? Polyvore tells you where you can buy what’s posted on their site, or you can post images of things you find to their “ask” board so other members can help you track items down. 

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Making It Lovely: The name alone speaks to me. Whether it’s your home, office, wardrobe, or any other aspect of your life, who wouldn’t want to make it lovely? Nicole Balch, the board’s creator, hosts a website dedicated to tracking the progress of transforming her home from, as she says, "so-so" to lovely. Her Pinterest boards also share her personal style picks, so you can dress your home, yourself, and your family. Her images share a plush yet do-able motif that’s unique and somewhat mod, without feeling over the top. Bright colors marry simple, clean lines and designs that often nod to the 50s and 60s – what I can best describe as “trendy-chic”.  There are even boards devoted to the ideas she finds appealing, from inspirational sayings to an eclectic book club. If you connect with her style, you’ll find a wealth of gorgeous images to make it your own.

The Beauty Department: Focusing on hair, makeup and nails, The Beauty Department gives you tutorials to create just about any “look,” from ethereal to bright and glittery.  The style tips on their boards, as well as their originating website will help you create the perfect look for a day at the office or a night on the town. Bonus for fans of Lauren Conrad’s style and beauty books: many of the DIY videos showcase her walking you through the process of putting on individual fake eyelashes or creating the perfect bun.

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Merche Grosso: If your taste runs more Euro-modern, you may just fall in love with the images pinned by Madrid-based textile and graphic designer Merche Degrosso. You certainly won’t be alone – she has over 874,000 Pinterest fans following her eclectic posts. With over 7,000 pins ranging from apparel to home design, cute animals to food, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy. Even if you aren’t attracted by her art, she has compiled a board called “Most Followed Pinterest Users” detailing over 50 of the most followed pinners in art, design, health, travel, and more. Save yourself some time tracking down the Pinterest trendsetters – they’re here!

Glitter Guide: Those of us who believe that all that glitters is not gold, but that everything that sparkles is sensational, can’t help but peruse the collection from Glitter Guide.  A few moments spent awash in some of the over 6,000 pins reveals that while there are certainly odes to shine and twinkle, be it glittery glamour, fashion, nails, or décor, the boards are, in essence, a collection of things that bring sparkle to life. From their affiliated website: “We believe a smile is a woman’s best accessory, that sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion and that some days simply require a glass of champagne. We hope to encourage your creative energy and add “sparkle” to your day!” I love the DIY gems that share adorable ways to add some pizzazz to your home or attire. But who am I kidding? Come for the glitter, stay for the style.


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What are some of your other fave fashion boards?

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