What Is Energy Therapy?

by Amy B. Scher

Stuck in a rut? Constantly exhausted? In a draining relationship? Lost your career mojo? A few years ago, I discovered my body was much more than the physical. And, I was stuck in a rut. But then I found out about this form of mind-body healing that literally shifted everything: energy therapy.

When it comes to our bodies, I believe the Chinese know best. They understand humans are made up of a complex network of energies. This is the concept that acupuncture is based on. When these energies don’t flow properly, a host of things can happen—primarily, you become “stuck” or stagnant right along with that ultra-important flow in your body. While energy therapies are not a new concept, they are finally gaining well-deserved recognition. Dr. Oz calls it, “The next big frontier in medicine.”

Generally, being stuck energetically can show up in the following ways:

  • Pain or fatigue in the body
  • Being fearful and unable to let go
  • Being unable to disconnect from unhealthy relationships
  • Difficulty speaking up for yourself

I believe unprocessed emotional energy literally becomes stuck, stagnant, and creates energetic blocks in the body. The details of how this affects our bodies can be tricky business, but the symptoms that arise—both physical and emotional—can be re-patterned with the right tools. Here are some to start with today:

Simply acknowledging emotions as they come up can make a huge difference. Trying not to cry when we think it’s inappropriate or stifling anger when it “doesn’t make sense” is part of a harmful pattern. Humans are expressive beings and when we deny ourselves that, we burden the body. One of my clients reminds me of Shrek’s wise words: “Better out than in, I always say.” And I think we can all learn by remembering the wise words of that big green giant.

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Shake that booty.
Music is healing. Dancing moves energy. Put them together and you have one super-powered technique to release some of those blocks, and move stuck emotional energy out. It won’t necessarily free you of all your past emotional baggage; but sometimes, not accumulating more each day is a ‘win’ worth celebrating. So, put on your iPod when you’re making dinner and dance like no one is watching. I won’t tell.

Tap out fear.
Tapping gently with your fingertips on specific points on the face and body can really help release energetic blockages. It’s the basis of many energy therapy techniques, one being Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which I use with great success in my practice. But, there is a simple shortcut you can do that’s particularly effective for fear and overwhelm. Find a spot about halfway down the top of your hand, in the groove between the pinky and ring finger. Simply use three or four fingers of your other hand and tap or rub that spot. Use it along with deep breaths when you can’t calm down. You are tapping a specific point on one of your meridians (also known as energy pathways) in the body. This one is responsible for your “fight or flight pattern,” one most of us go into far too often when we’re stressed.

Drain negative energy.
Throughout history, humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground. But modern lifestyle, including the use of rubber and plastic soled shoes, has disconnected us from the Earth’s energy. The Earth’s energy is amazing for helping to balance us emotionally and physically. It’s also a perfect place to drain all that negative energy you’ve picked up during your work-week. Stand barefoot in the sand, dirt or grass and visualize all the negativity you’re holding draining into the Earth. Aim for about 30 minutes (yes, I just gave you a prescription for the beach!), but any length of time will help.

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Protect yourself.
Picking up on and holding other people’s negative energies is one of the things that drag us down the fastest. This can be particularly true of unhealthy relationships—whether at home or at work. Protecting yourself is essential:

  • Don’t hold your breath. We can tend to hold our breath when talking to people who are stressing us out. Take deep breaths instead to help the energy move around you.
  • Say an affirmation of protection in your mind when speaking with someone difficult (energy travels so do this even on the phone): “I am safe and protected in my own space.”
  • Cross your arms. This doesn’t keep you closed off, but is a natural stance to keep your energy protected. People instinctively do this when dealing with draining people—it’s for good reason.
  • Picture yourself surrounded in white light several times a day. This imagery is very effective for creating a protective energy shield around you.

Open your throat chakra.
Your throat chakra is an energy center located at the front of your neck/throat. When this energy is closed off, it can make it difficult to communicate and speak up. And when you don’t speak up, you create a disconnection from yourself. Gently tapping on the throat with three or four fingers for a couple of minutes will help open that energy and allow you to feel safer in your communications. Do this often and you’ll start to set a new, healthier energy pattern.

These simple tips can be a big difference, so practice them daily, especially in times of emotional distress. They’ll help balance the energy system—a giant step to becoming a flowing and unstuck you!

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Amy B. Scher is the author of This is How I Save My Life – A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing. With a history of chronic illness, Amy set out to discover the foundation of healing. She is an expert in mind-body-spirit healing with offices in Los Angeles and Monterey, California. She uses energy therapy techniques to help those with chronic illness and those in need of emotional healing to identify, release and move on. Amy is an Ordained Minister of Holistic Healing. She is a frequent contributor to healthcare blogs and has presented to groups including the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. Amy lives by the self-created motto: “When life kicks your ass, kick back.” www.HowISaveMyLife.com

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