What NOT to Do During a Home Renovation

Mistakes to avoid during home renovation

by Leslie Ezelle

After having survived a one-year long renovation, I have unfortunately experienced the ultimate, “What can go wrong will go wrong” experience. Now that phase one of my house is complete, I am in need of at least a year to recover from the experience. As the days pass by and I am finally beginning to enjoy my partially renovated home, I can reflect on what I would have done differently.

Here are my top five DON’TS, when going through home renovation:

1. DO NOT do it! Just kidding…do not hire a general contractor. Instead do it yourself. Make sure each company you hire is licensed and insured. Also, talk to your local inspector to get good workers for your job. Most people think of inspectors as the enemy, but they really are on your side. By asking an inspector who they would use, you’ll end up in safe hands. Being your own general contractor and finding your own workforce may take a little bit more time, but it will save you a ton of money. In the end you’ll be happier with the completed job.

2. DO NOT hire a tile guy/floor guy without seeing their work first. Independent mom and pop shops can be good, but be sure to do your research. Get references and visit other homeowners to actually see the work they have done and how well that work has held up. Another great way to hire a good tile person is to visit an upscale tile shop in your neighborhood and ask people in the showroom who they would use. You may spend a little more for this project but remember, you get what you pay for! Hire smart.

3. DO NOT go with the cheapest sheetrock. I went for the cheapest sheetrock that would pass code, which basically means my walls are paper-thin. When my boys take a shower or flush the toilet, I can hear the water pour down the kitchen wall. Niagara Falls is a good place to visit, but having it in my kitchen is a major pain in the behind. 

4. DO NOT settle for second-rate work. If you’ve been waiting for two months to use your bathroom and your workers finally have the project complete but the paint job is crap, DO NOT let them get away with it. Make them redo the paint job. It could take an extra week, but in the long run it will be worth it to have the paint job done the right way. Remember: you’re paying for this; it should look exactly how you want it to!

5. DO NOT start a major renovation without having enough money to finish the project. Plan, plan, and plan again. If you plan well you’ll spend wisely. When you finally decide to take on a major renovation, be sure to get your numbers right. Pick out your materials and calculate the cost. Get at least three quotes for the work, then make sure it is very clear that the price they are quoting is all that you plan on paying. Get in writing exactly what they will be doing and what the agreed upon price will be. Then, for your own safety, plan for an additional 20 percent on top of the final price you’ll be spending. If you’re lucky you won’t have to use the extra funding set aside, but if you run into some unforeseen issues with your house, you’ll be covered.

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Leslie Ezelle is an acclaimed interior designer and TV personality. Recently crowned as HGTV’s first ever Design Star All Stars winner, Leslie incorporates simplicity, structure and function into her projects. She has also established her own interior design and home staging company, Leslie Christine Designs. After being diagnosed and surviving a two-year battle with cancer, Leslie now enlists health and happiness as priorities. Her main design philosophy: “tame their domain.” Leslie believes that a stress-free, organized home that leads to a happy and healthy environment. In her spare time, Leslie works as the Honorary Chairperson for Susan G Komen's Dallas Race for the Cure. As a mother of six, Leslie Ezelle loves to share her less-is-more design philosophy with others and continues to pursue her design dreams of one day having her own reality TV show. When she isn't re-vamping and recreating spaces she spends time with her children in her home in Dallas, Texas. 

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