What the Flowers You Love Say About You

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Blossoming flowers simply transform the aura of a room. And as seasons change, there’s no better way to bring the outdoors in to brighten up any space. Whether it be a handful of wild flowers or a perfectly assembled bouquet from the floral designer, it’s about choosing a favorite that complements its setting, and adds a little sweet aroma, too! Make sure to balance out your posy with the right accompaniment of scents that’ll leave you breathing in happily for days.

Choosing flowers should be effortless fun. Go with your instinct! Pick the bunch you can’t get enough of. It’s all about expressing your personality in your space and making it feel more and more, well, you! The blossoms you gravitate toward say a lot about you, so it’s best to know what your most recent pick is telling others.



If roses are your favorite flowers, chances are you’re very loving in everything that you do, especially entertaining!With your strong sense of self and attention to tradition, beware of showing too much of your perfectionism in everything you do. You’re a bit old fashioned and ultra feminine, so try to give new things a chance.

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