What to Buy in January

by Jeanette Pavini

How to save money in January

Every year, millions of Americans begin the New Year with lofty goals of living their lives a little bit better. Once the stressful holiday season is behind us, we begin thinking about ways to become more financially responsible. There are great deals to be found in January – especially if you know what to look for!

Take a look at what you should spend your money on the month of January:

  • Big screen TV's: Just in time for the Super Bowl, January is prime time for big screen TV discounts. 

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  • Jewelry: Business for jewelry retailers slows down between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you want to treat yourself to some bling, you have an opportunity to save big in January.
  • Linens: You can thank department store pioneer, John Wanamaker for all those bedding bargains you will find in January. Way back in 1878, he launched the first White Sale and it has become a great tradition ever since.
  • Ski and snow gear: Now’s the time to buy, considering there are still several months of snow activities ahead and there’s always next year, too.
  • Coats: After Christmas is a great time to buy outerwear. Your added bonus: this year’s warm winter has retailers especially eager to rid themselves of unsold coats.

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  • Furniture: Many manufacturers debut their latest furniture designs in February, which means stores need to clear out old inventory. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect for your home to get a fresh look in the New Year!
  • Gym memberships: For obvious reasons, January is prime membership drive season for fitness centers. Be sure to look for incentives like reduced or waived enrollment fees, friends and family discounts, longer trial periods, and reduced monthly fees. Don’t be afraid to bargain with gym representatives, terms are often negotiable. Ask for perks like a month-to-month membership, or a free personal training session and you may just get it.

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