What You Need to Stay Fit on Vacation

Summer is on the horizon and pretty soon booking flights for summer getaways will be on the mind. Thinking about beaches, drinks with umbrellas, amazing food, it does get a gal excited. Exercising while on vacation, well, doesn’t that mean it’s not a vacation? Sadly, the majority of vacation-goers, whatever the location, pack on at least a pound or two while out of the office. Why not bring some gear on the trip and keep a buff bod, well buff? Remember, those delicious, sugary drinks and all the totally yummy food to nosh will taste that much better if a daily workout is included. Not to mention the energy levels, which may eliminate the “I need a vacation from my vacation” feeling. Bonus? It’s all the more awesome to practice yoga with a view, run on the beach, hike the hills or swim with the tides.

Double Dutch Without a Rope
This little gem is perfect for packing light. With no rope, you can jump to your heart’s delight without worrying about hitting a stranger or breaking something in the hotel room.

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Resistance is Futile
No gal should go on vacay without a set of these guys. Easy to pack, used for just about any fitness program, they pack a punch.

Fitness on Film
Need a little motivation? Be sure to stock up and bring some fitness DVDs. There is a huge market for these workouts, choose from star trainer’s like Jillian Michaels, try some yoga, circuit training, Crunch Fitness and more. 

Pack some Zen
A lightweight yoga mat is a must for many reasons. Comfort for hard hotel floors, a place to settle in the sand while finding your inner light, and you’ll look super cool rolling it out wherever you go. Check out  some great options from REI. Great prices and great looking to boot.

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A Great Playlist
What’s a workout without a playlist? Prepare yourself ahead of time and select songs relating to the kind of workout you want. Yoga? Sounds of water, waves and whales. Sweating it out with the bands and rope? Beat-blasting tunes guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Put on the Shoes to Loose
What’s a workout without some shoes? Unless the plan is to stick entirely to yoga, don’t forget to slip some closed-toe trainers into the suitcase. Useful for everything from floor work to jogging to hiking, proper shoes will make for some great workouts. Nike sells a fantastic lightweight trainer made out of less materials, the FlyKnit Racer, making it a fabulous choice for your foot and the environment.

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