What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?

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As we enter the holiday season, it’s all about traditions… and FOOD.

Thanksgiving, in particular, aims to bring families together and provide memories everyone, especially kids, will remember the rest of their lives.

As you prepare for another memorable feast, think back…what is your favorite memory from Turkey Day?
What would your kids say? Mott’s asked some families for their most precious moments:


Over the holidays, it can be tough to eat healthy, especially for kids. If you have a finicky eater to begin with, try these tips :

  • Cook with your kids. They will take more ownership of the food if they have a say in how it was prepared.  Make fruits and vegetables into edible ornaments for your dinner plate. Who wouldn’t eat those?
  • Get Sneaky. Mott’s Fruit Punch does a great job with its new Fruit Punch Rush – providing kids with a full serving of fruit per cup. You can also look for ways to sneak in extra fruits and veggies into holiday meals…including sensational smoothies.
  • Not everyday is a party. Go ahead and eat what you want at parties, but on ‘normal’ days, remember to pack in the healthy stuff. Pre-portion vegetables and fruits in kid-friendly containers and then make them available as snacks at home, in the car and in school lunches. Like anything with kids, convenience is key.

Happy Holidays!

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