When Kids Keep Forgetting Things at School

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 We’ve all rushed to school to deliver something for our child who has forgotten lunch, a musical instrument or even a signed consent form. Every parent has gotten at least a few of these phone calls or texts from their frantic kids who calm down quickly after you promise them that yep you will bring that item to the main office ASAP. So, you can imagine my surprise and intrigue when I learned that one New Jersey school district has decided to stop unannounced parental visits this Fall. Apparently,the school superintendent in Summit New Jersey is concerned about school safety and student accountability.

I have given this position a lot of thought. As a parent myself I understand how difficult it is to have our kids experience any distress. On the other hand, I fully agree that our kids need to learn about accountability and that Mom and Dad cannot always be available to fill in the blanks or, in this case, deliver the goods. What about some sort of compromise? How about if our kids each get five passes per semester. They are allowed to have parents bring forgotten items to school up to five times. When these passes are used up then the kids are on their own if they are forgetful. This sets parameters for the child, the school and for the parents. My guess is that this will increase student accountability in a hurry. Hey, we learn if we face consequences; right? And these five visits per semester should be announced visits so schools remain safe and don’t have a wave of unannounced visitors. Next: Preventing Forgetfulness

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