When Your Boobs Spill Over Your Bra …

...and other boob dilemmas solved!

You have bra questions, I have bra answers. As a bra and style guru and author of The Bra Book, I'm here to offer solutions to your toughest bra challenges.

Take a look at these questions from real women just like you:

I have seen a bra expert and been amazed by the difference it made to be in a well-fitting bra. How often should I return for a re-fitting? What makes the biggest difference in changing boob sizes? ~Jessica A.

The Bra Gal: Good for you! Glad you had a good experience. I always recommend professional fittings although I wish that all fitters helped in the education process. Some are so focused on the mechanics of the fitting and selling product that they forget to educate the consumer and explain what is happening throughout the process. That is really important!! That’s why I wrote The Bra Book, so all women could educate themselves, without relying on another person. That being said, it’s recommended to get re-fitted every 6 months to a year, or sooner, if you’ve recently lost or gained any weight (even 5-10 pounds can make a difference in your bra size), had a child, gone through a life change like menopause, or any other hormonal or weight fluctuation.

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Even after being professionally fitted, I still have some...half my boob is popping out issues. Why are there no bras that stop that (for me)? ~Kadie S.

The Bra Gal: Again, fitters are only human and not everyone is great at their job. If the fitter let you walk out of the store with boob spilling out the cup, that’s an issue. Typically the problem is the cup is too small or the style is wrong -like a very round full busted woman who is trying to wear a demi cup. Sometimes, you just need a fuller coverage style, so be sure to look for the words ‘full coverage’ when bra shopping and have another fitter (or follow the instructions in The Bra Book) re-check your size.

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I prefer to wear an underwire, but then I end up getting poked in the pit-biscuits (that blob of fat between the pit and the girls) by it. What am I doing wrong? Cup too big? Band too small? Bah! ~Lane B.

The Bra Gal: LOL!! Pit biscuits – have never heard that before!!! You likely need a bra with a wider wing, like this one, which is the part that wraps around the side to the back band.  OR – you could possibly be wearing a band that’s too small. 

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