Why Thank-You Notes Are a Must For Kids

by Tracey Doull, founder of KitchenMoxie.net


In a world that’s filled with texts, posts, tweets and email, putting pen to paper may seem old-fashioned – but teaching your children the art of the handwritten thank you note is as important as teaching them to ride a bike.

A hand-written note certainly takes some extra effort. But it really speaks to your child’s appreciation for the gift, the gesture or the sentiment. It is something that, if embraced early on, will set your children up well for the future.

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Sure, a quick email or phone call would be easier and faster, but by taking the time to have your child hand write a note really helps them express their gratitude and sends a very special message of thanks.

Here are some tips to get started and help your family hark back to the one of the important forgotten social graces of yesteryear.

  • Take notes for the notes. When your children receive gifts – before they rip that first piece of wrapping paper off – get your own pen and paper (or notepad on your phone or tablet) ready and make a list of who gave what. This will make it much easier when it comes time to write the thank you notes. 

  • For the little ones, start out with thank-you notes that only have a few ‘fill in the blank’ spaces. They are much easier as they usually only require them to fill in the To:, From: and the specific item they are thankful for. 

  • Let your little artist design their own thank-you notes. Not only will grandma and grandpa be thrilled to receive the note, but they can also display the artwork on the fridge or in a frame after the fact.

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  • Let your older children pick out some thank you notes, or, better yet, give them the gift of personalized note card that they can use as thank you notes.  

  • Don’t tackle it all in one day. Split up the list and have your child do a few each day until the task is complete. 

  • Make sure to be specific when writing. For example: Thank you so much for the beautiful pink sweater, rather than thank you for the gift. 

  • Show your kids how to properly address the envelope and have them help with the stamps and return address labels. Every kid loves to put mail into the mailbox, so make a trip to the post office or the big blue box together to send them off.


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