You Glow, Girl! How to Get Perfect Shimmer

How to get that youthful glow

With warm spring days still a few too many weeks away, we can all use a little extra sparkle to get through the cold weather. A quick way to get some glow is with a little bit of shimmery makeup. The trick is doing shimmer the right way, especially for the workplace and all of us over 30.

While many women are afraid to try shimmer because it can tend to emphasize small wrinkles and crepey lids, it can actually be a great way to get that youthful glow. The most modern way to use shimmer is to pick one feature on your face to highlight with shimmer, and to leave the rest of the face more natural.

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Here are some great products and looks to get your glow on:

NARS The Multiple and Stila eyeshadow   

For eyes, it is best to add a touch of champagne shimmer with either a cream or a powder on either the lid or the brow bone... but only pick one! To add a subtle glow, lightly tap a bit onto either the lid or brow bone after you have done a satin or matte color on the crease and lid. Some ones to try are NARS The Multiple in Copacabana or Stila Eyeshadow in Starlight.

Julie Hewett Shimmy

To highlight cheekbones, try adding a small amount of shimmer cream in the shape of a C from the top of your cheekbone to the your eyebrow. My absolute favorite is Julie Hewett Shimmy in Goldie. It has a great creamy texture and can be layered over powder blush and bronzer. Just tap a small amount with your ring finger and blend. You know that red carpet glow on all the celebrities? This is the perfect product to get that look, and it's also great when applied sparingly to the collarbones when wearing a lower neckline top or dress for a special occasion. So pretty!  

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss and MAC Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm


To bring out lips, try a slightly shimmery gloss in any shade. Keep in mind that red and berry tones are going to be a big trend this spring. The trick here is to look for subtle shimmer; too much frost looks dated (and I for one am not going back to the 80s). Keep the eyes and face more natural to matte, then line and fill lips in with a lip liner and top with a matching gloss. A few to try: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop or MAC Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm in Rosy Romance.

Ladies, shine on!

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