A New Kind of Workout Comes to D.C. Solidcore in Adams Morgan

Workouts on the Lagree Fitness “megaformer” machine have been only available in NY and LA… until now. Thanks to Anne Mahlum, Founder of Back on My Feet and Founder and CEO of Solidcore, D.C. area residents will get to experience what we’ve affectionately termed “sore core” starting November 2, 2013.

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My Experience with Solidcore

I have done five workouts so far with Anne and her trainers. Every workout has been tough. I’m not gonna lie. I like intense. I’m not one of those people who complain during workouts because it’s too hard – even when it is. My attitude is “crush it” as a positive motivation that I can get through it.

This workout pushes you to your edge in a safe way. It’s both physically and mentally challenging. My muscles quiver, shake and just when I feel like I can’t do it, Anne says “15 more seconds. You can do anything for 15 more seconds.” And she’s right.

I leave feeling energized, healthy, strong, and accomplished. Granted, I am sore for 1-2 days afterwards, but I know that my body is getting stronger as a result of the training.

I can’t wait to add this class into my training routine.

Why Solidcore is Unique

It’s all about the megaformer. You get ALL THE INTENSITY, NONE OF THE IMPACT. The mission of these workouts is to go S-L-O-W for maximum benefit.

The workouts are 50-minutes, high-energy and small groups (only 10 megaformers in the studio). The patented MegaFormer uses slow and controlled full-body movements with constant muscle tension. The method works all muscle fibers to failure leaving them no choice but to rebuild, which leaves you with a more defined, toned and stronger body.

Learn more of the “science” behind megaformer.

This is not the kind of workout you do every day. Anne recommends you do the class 3 days a week. Your body will need time to rest and repair. Even if you can only fit in one class a week, you will get benefits from adding Solidcore to your routine.

You will Like Solidcore If you Like…

Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamps, Working out with trainers, competing in races like half marathons, marathons, triathlons, dance, gymnastics, adventure racing or any type of physical challenges.

If you’re a “beginner” or starting over or whatever, don’t be intimidated. The trainers are amazing and they are here to help. This is not a competition with others. You do your best for the day and that’s enough. You will need to take breaks. Listen to your body and come back to class. You will get stronger.

2013 Specials

For the rest of the year, Solidcore is offering some wonderful specials so you can try it out yourself.

1.       $17 for your first class

2.       $49 unlimited for your first week

3.       $199 unlimited for your first month

Studio Location and Contact Info

1841 Columbia Road NW (Adams Morgan), Washington, DC 20009

phone - 267-455-6457


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