Bananas for Active Living and Healthier Snack Ideas – WBAL TV Appearance

I was thrilled to work with Dole (@DoleBananas on Twitter) and Pirate’s Booty (on Facebook) for a TV appearance on NBC’s WBAL 11 in Baltimore. I provided nutrition tips for active lifestyles and shared a research study that suggests bananas can be as effective as sports drinks for exercise.

I also shared some tasty banana recipes, tips for fueling before, during, and after workouts, and a few ideas for better-for-you snacks you might crave after some activity.

Watch the full segment now:

Rebecca on WBAL for Dole and Pirate's Booty

Here are a few highlights from the segment:

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients oh, my!

Bananas are packed with vitamin B6, which is an important energy nutrient, along with vitamin C, potassium (an important electrolyte for athletes especially) and fiber which helps keep our digestive system healthy (keeps those pipes clean if you know what I mean.)

Check out the Dole website for recipes. The pumpkin banana bars are especially tasty. The bars or bananas are great before, during or after a workout to help replenish electrolytes and carbohydrates that are used up/lost during workouts.

Water – A Key Fuel During Your Workout

Don’t forget to hydrate with water! We get hot, we sweat to cool down our bodies, and we lose water. You just need a few gulps 2-4 ounces every 20 minutes during a workout. You can pre-fuel almost any workout with 2 cups water and a banana.

Tackling Post-Workout Snack Food Cravings

You might find after a workout you are a little hungrier or you are just craving something crunchy, sweet, or salty. You don’t have to fight those urges, you just need a wee bit o moderation.

I love Pirate’s Booty for a snack that has tons of flavor (white cheddar!) and it’s baked, not fried and it’s delicious — something you don’t always find in “baked snacks” (you know what I mean). This is great if you’re craving something more crunchy. Pirate’s Booty is all natural, half the fat and fewer calories than fried snack chips you may come across. They’re also gluten free (good for people with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance) and have no trans fats.

Since it’s summer, we know those cold snacks cravings are increasing. If you have ever had frozen banana you know it is an excellent sub for ice cream. Why not have fun and make these frozen banana dark chocolate pops rolled in nuts!

Banana Chocolate Pops

- cut banana into thirds (half if it is small size, however most are medium to large)

- melt semi sweet or darker chocolate morsels or bars in the micro for about 45 seconds and stir (you will need about 1/4 cup per whole banana, but you lose a fair amount of chocolate in the bowl)

- using popcicle sticks or wooden coffee stirrers, skewer the banana

- roll about half the banana in the chocolate to coat

- roll the chocolate part in chopped nuts — any kind will do, peanuts, walnuts, pistachos

- place in a freezer safe container, let the pops freeze for at least an hour and enjoy within a week for maximum freshness

Click here to view the entire video

What are your favorite ways to fuel your workouts this summer?

Disclosure: I received compensation for the TV appearance, but did not receive compensation for writing this blog post.

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