Healthy Eating Tips to Build a Better Breakfast and Cholesterol Awareness Month

September is Build a Better Breakfast Month and Cholesterol Awareness Month. It’s a wonderful time to play around with new recipes and seasonal flavors and it’s even better when it’s good-for-you too. I recently appeared on WBAL to share some of my favorite ways to help you make better breakfasts and heart healthy meals. Check out the clip or continue reading to learn these cravable food ideas that will please the whole family!

Build a Better

Breakfast powers your potential at school, work or at play. So it makes sense to take a look at how we can Bran Muffinimprove during Better Breakfast Month. I love making sure that no matter what you’re serving up, that milk is on the menu too. All milk – including low-fat and fat-free, white and flavored – has the same 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of high-quality protein. When we look at nutrients of concern most likely to be missing from kids’ diets – three of them: calcium, vitamin D and potassium – are all found in milk. So including milk, helps to ensure kids (and adults too) meet their needs.

One quick tip is to make your morning oatmeal with milk instead of water. A fall time favorite in my house is pumpkin oats, which is just plain oatmeal with milk, pumpkin puree, and a nut topping. I love recipes that use fruits, whole grains, and milk – like Whole Grain Raisin Muffins, which are great to make ahead on the weekend and have as an easy option in the morning rush. Build a better breakfast by discovering creative recipes at

Heart Smart Foods

GreenSuperFoodSalad_0091_rt1_HR_CROP-494x408Eating healthy and exercising are two important things you can do to keep your cholesterol in check. One tip for healthy eating is to get fruits and vegetables on about half your plate. I wanted to feature kiwifruit because it’s now season now and only available through October. BlackRiceSalad_0123_HR_CROP-494x345 It’s a versatile fruit that can be added into salads, used in marinades or enjoyed on its own. Green kiwifruit is probably what you’re most familiar with, but have you tried the Sungold kiwifruit? The Zespri Sungold kiwifruit variety has a golden yellow  color and a sweet, refreshing tropical flavor.

Zespri kiwifruit are nutrition “powerhouses”–two kiwifruit have more vitamin C than an orange and as much potassium as a banana and they’re high in fiber and cholesterol free. Two SunGold kiwifruit have 2.5 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. This “Shades of Green” superfood salad is made with mixed greens, edamame, pistachios, cucumbers, and organic green kiwifruit. Enjoy it as a colorful side or make it a meal by adding any lean protein, like fish or shrimp. For a colorful addition to your meal try this beautiful Black Rice Salad with Kiwifruit and Cashews. It has beautiful contrasts of color and flavor with red strawberries, green mint and Sungold kiwifruit. Visit for more great nutritious recipes.

Heart Smart Your Cooking Oil

As the weather gets cooler, I start to look for more ways to enjoy cooked vegetables. I love to sauté them in a little bit of oil and garlic to let their natural flavors come out. A recent study found corn oil can help lower cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil. Mazola corn oil is a heart healthy oil that has more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than other oils, 4x more plant sterols than olive oil and 40 percent more than canola oil.lemon salmon I often use Mazola corn oil to sauté my veggies, or you can try it in any marinade or follow a recipe. You get the heart health benefits from Mazola plus fish and vegetables with this Honey Lemon Glazed Salmon with Spinach Sauté. Visit and browse the heart healthy recipe library where you can find something for everyone to enjoy.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send a tweet to@ScritchfieldRD to share your favorite ways to build a better breakfast and  favorite fall time activities to keep you heart healthy!

Disclosures: I was compensated by Milk Life, Mazola, and Zespri Kiwifruit for my work on the TV segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.

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