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I can remember a time where I felt so great about my health, possibly the best I have ever felt. I was confident, comfortable in my clothes, and happy with my eating and exercise habits. Then I stepped on the scale. The number was surprisingly higher than I expected. I was deflated, mad, no pissed off, and I suddenly felt like crap. At that moment I realized I was letting a number rule that way I felt about my health and was completely disregarding what truly mattered -  that I felt awesome and healthy! I was in scale jail.

Has this ever happened to you? Giving so much power to a number? Stepping on a scale to see our weight can trap us in an emotional prison. However, some of us still continue to have more serious relationships with our scales than with ourselves and the most important people in our lives.

I recently filmed some segments for the The OWN Show to discuss why weighing yourself may actually be doing more harm than good. You can watch the full clips below and comment on the OWN Facebook page!

If there is ONE THING you take away, it’s this: There is more to your health than just a number on a scale. 

Watch these videos below to learn what happens to our bodies and minds when we step on the scale.

The Power of A Number 

Scale Jail

Phase it Out 

It’s important to know that day to day jumping on the scale does not tell you the complete picture of your health. Weighing ourselves tells us one thing: our weight. If you are weighing yourself and it feels like a judgement you should cut back. Do it once a year and  compare your weight to your own trends, not anyone else. If that seems too challenging try once a week, or once a month, and go from there.

When to Step on the Scale 

When to Step on the Scale

 How Often is Too Often?

Being ashamed of your weight can actually lead to overeating or skipping meals and body dissatisfaction. When weighing yourself makes you feel bad about yourself it is no longer benefitting you. Instead of focusing on weight, focus on healthy habits that can fit into your lifestyle. We have other numbers like lab values from blood work that can tell us how healthy we are and matter much more to our overall health. Weight can change daily but our health does not change that rapidly. We add muscle to our bodies, store more water, or just fluctuate, and we have to stop placing so much emphasis on the scale.

When to Step on the Scale

There are really not too many times when it’s necessary to know our weight. The only times I can think it would be important to know your weight is if you are going under the knife for surgery for medication dosing, sky diving, competing in a professional sport where weight class is required,  or if you are pregnant in order to measure the growth of your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Break Out of Scale Jail

I encourage you to take a break from the scale. Move away from determining your body satisfaction solely on a number and remind yourself that your weight has little to do with your overall health and well being.

Now You “Weigh In”

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