I’m in Washingtonian Magazine (Who Hoo!)

It’s not everyday you can say that you’re mentioned in Washington DC’s most well-known printed magazine. I was overjoyed this month to be mentioned in not only one, but TWO issues – Washingtonian and Washingtonian Mom!

As a working mother, with another one on the way I have since traded my fashion magazines for a new favorite, the Washingtonian Mom. I’m more interested to know where the trendy family friendly “hot spots” are around town versus the latest celebrity gossip and how to get “tight buns” these days.

washingtonian momAs I was paging through the Winter 2014 edition for some inspiration I was excited to read this one pager called “How Does She Do It?” Pictured is a working mom in high heels, balancing a sack of groceries and briefcase on one hip, an infant on the other and a smile on her face. (I could relate completely after having spent many a day eating with one hand and nursing with the other.) I was eager to learn the secrets behind keeping it all together.

As I’m reading through this must-have list: the personal shopper who crafts that perfect wardrobe, the nanny who looks after the kids, the personal trainer who keeps that body in fighting form, to the nutritionist who keeps that healthy eating on track…and what would you know? Surprise! It was ME! I was honored and excited! They said I “know what it takes to work healthy food into a jam-packed schedule.” That’s true… there has never been a time and energy budget I couldn’t help tackle. I even make sure moms keep their “me time” sanity.

2014_Feb_WashingtonianLess than a week later I was looking forward to purchasing the February issue of the Washingtonian, expecting to be mentioned, but still no less of an honor to be recognized as one of the top dietitians of Washington, DC. I was thrilled to be highlighted my work with athletes, along side of several other RD/Nutrition super stars who I am proud to know.   In addition, there is an article called The Skinny on Diets, my fellow dietitians and I were asked to grade some of the trendiest diets on the market, from the popular (but flawed) Paleo Diet to the crazy K-E Diet. If you know me, you know how I feel about diets. You’ll understand why I had to give some diets a failing grade. I pass one with an “A” – the Mediterranean Diet – this “diet” is not about restriction or weight loss, it’s about heart health and it’s not afraid of fats or calories – like me! And the science is there too!

As a mom, wife, and a professional it is an honor to be recognized by the Washingtonian for the many hats I wear. I have devoted several years of my life to establishing myself as a dietitian and healthy lifestyle expert while balancing my role a rock star mother and wife! Good self-care, a delicious diet, realistic exercise, and a healthy dose of “happy time” are some of the keys to my own success. I look forward to what this year brings, and who knows what will come when June is here and I will have two under two!

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