Join Me for #Spring2Wellness Challenge, Starts March 20th

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Would you like to have more energy, more fun, AND more happiness this Spring Season? Join me in a free 30-day challenge to make this Spring the best one yet!

It’s free. It’s online 24/7.


What Will We Do?

No rules, just fun.  I like to keep it simple and help you make “easy” and “healthy” go hand-in-hand.

The plan is 1-2 messages a week, delivered right to your inbox with tips, ideas, recipes, and motivation with your time in mind.

I’m just like you, I have “no time” for half the stuff I want to do anyway. I promise everything will take less than an hour and some ideas less than a minute. (Come on now, we all have a minute!)

No Diet? No Problem!

This is not a spring diet. Heck; it’s barely a plan. I will not tell you the “5 foods you must avoid” or any other negative rule like that. If you can’t do it for life then why bother at all?

What Can I Expect?

Our focus will be finding happiness in the spring by setting realistic goals for my three pillars of wellness: Food, Fitness, and Fun.

Tips will be positive, empowering, and actionable. I’ll help you overcome the typical wellness barriers we all struggle with daily.

If you aren’t familiar with my non-diet approach to healthy living, read more about my philosophy.Check out what others say testimonials from real clients.

You can ask me anything during the challenge through my Facebook page or send me a private e-mail.

If you’re up for it, you can play an important role in motivating others in the challenge. If you have advice to share, please do it! We can all inspire, motivate and support each other.

If you will be using social media to chronicle your experience, use the hashtag #Spring2Wellness

Let’s make the start of spring truly happy (and healthy) by taking care of each other and ourselves.  As Ghandi once said, “It is health that is real wealth.”

Why A “Spring” Challenge?

I’ll admit, the winter can sometimes be a bit of a drag, you’re cooped up inside, there is less sunlight, and healthy living can feel like soooo much effort.  Join me in saying “good riddance” to winter and “hello’ to spring!

With this challenge I hope to bring you as much optimism as spring does. It’s never too late to change your lifestyle to a healthy one. With spring just around the corner, I really feel energized and inspired to help share my enthusiasm for spring and self care to everyone.

I want to do this challenge to help more people enjoy the good that comes with spring and let go of the bad. My goal is to educate and inspire you, but really I just hope I offer you tools and solutions to help you achieve the way you want to feel.

Great, Rebecca, I’m In!


Enlist A Crew

People do better with support from friends. (It’s a scientific fact!) Ask you friends to join by sending them this blog post and sharing it on social media.

Social shareables below:

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