Letting Go of Food Guilt

Posted on July 30, 2012 by rebeccascritchfield

I recently blogged on “U.S News Eat+Run“  about eating the foods you love without experiencing any of the guilt involved. It’s all about moderation and constantly striving for balance in your diet. Certain foods have become so taboo recently and to me, its gotten out of control. You really can have it all, but in moderation of course! There is no such thing as one food, one meal, or one choice that makes you unhealthy, it’s about all the choices that we make every day . Here are a few of the steps I suggest to guide you with letting go of your food anxiety/guilt:

1. Make a list of five foods you enjoy,  but you feel guilty about eating. Write down why you feel guilty about  each food. Then read your reason. Is it rational or irrational? Is it  scientifically true? Is it something you would teach your son or  daughter to believe?

2. For each of the above  foods, I want you to write something positive about it. It can be about  the taste, something about the nutritional value (cheese, for example,  has calcium and is good for bones), a memory it evokes, or whatever you  come up with.

3. Pick one food at a time from  the list, and plan to eat it. If it makes you feel more comfortable,  just take a small portion, or balance out the indulgence with other  healthy foods.

Here’s the full article to read up on the healthy way to enjoy the foods that you actually enjoy!

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