More Sights and Sounds from the #FNCE expo: Avocado Guac Off and Incredible Eggs

I got to stop by the Hass avocado booth at the FNCE expo and watch some folks do battle in a live guacamole cooking competition! Check out the competitors:

Everyone got to taste test the creations and official judges, my friend Kate Gaegan being one of them, picked a winner!

I luuuuuvvvvhhhh avocados. Been eating at least 1/2 with breakfast every day of my pregnancy. (My fave is 1/2 avocado, 2 eggs, 2 slices of wheat toast and some hot sauce).

Avocados are high in unsaturated fats (those mono- and poly – “good fats”) and are cholesterol free. Good for your heart health. Hass avocados are perfect in guacamole, blended in smoothies (I’m serious, try 1/2 avocado, frozen banana, 1 cup spinach and 1 cup coconut water), and as a topping for sandwiches or burgers. Check out for slew of tasty recipes and more information about the heart healthy benefits of unsaturated fats like avocado.

What’s your favorite avocado recipe??

Egg Nutrition Center / Incredible Eggs!

So… as I was saying about my favorite pregnancy breakfast… I also luuuuvvvvhhhh eggs! Don’t throw away those yolks, people. They have valuable protein, vitamin D, and choline. Choline is a powerful nutrient (for everyone – especially in pregnancy). It helps with brain development (among other cool things). Because we have been tossing the yolks for years, most Americans are now deficient in choline! I also got a great resources from the Egg Nutrition Center booth that shows the nutrients in one egg, egg white, and yolk. It’s great so you can see what you MISS when you do the whites only. You miss 2.6 grams of protein and 116 mg choline! YIKES! Check out their resources, including “nutrients in one egg” for details.

Listen to all the cool stuff I learned visiting the ENC’s booth at FNCE.

Some people avoid the yolk because of cholesterol. You are misinformed. 40 years of research has indicated that the cholesterol in foods (like eggs) don’t increase your heart disease risk – much more likely to be the saturated or trans fats in foods. Check out ENC’s research on cholesterol and other areas.

More Eggscellent Links (hahahah – I couldn’t help myself)

Incredible Egg website

Incredible Egg on Facebook

Incredible egg recipes and recipes from ENC – check out the lunch ideas!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for writing this blog post or shooting the Egg Nutrition Center video.

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