New Video Series Shows the Power of Soy Protein

Posted on July 27, 2012 by rebeccascritchfield

Team USA logoThe Olympics are right around the corner — I can’t wait! I love watching how the events seem to inspire people to get out and exercise more. Part of becoming more active (or just being active) is knowing how to fuel your exercise so you have the energy to go the distance, but also to repair your body after a workout.

I’m thrilled to be a part of a new education initiative by the Soy Foods Association of North America. We created a series of four videos in which I offer tips for individuals of all age and activity levels to eat a healthy, balanced eating plan that includes antioxidant and nutrient rich soy foods.

The first video just launched in time for the opening ceremonies in London 2012 is “The Benefits of Soyfoods for Elite Athletes” and highlights the importance of soyfoods for competitive and active Americans.  These athletes have unique nutrition needs including an increased need for protein to help the body repair itself after rigorous exercise.

The 3 other videos coming out quarterly over the next year include:

  • The Benefits of Soyfoods for Energetic Kids
  • The Benefits of Soyfoods for Active Adults
  • The Benefits of Soyfoods for Aging Americans

For more information on soy you can visit:

One of my favorite ways of including soy is making a recovery smoothie with fruit and soymilk. Frozen banana adds a creaminess that is divine. Adding some chia seed, peanut butter, or coconut (or a combo) goes a long way with flavor and nutrition. What are your favorite soy recipes for your active life?

Disclosure: Soyfoods Association of North American compensated me for my work in the video production, but not for writing this blog post.

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