Plan to Attend 2013 Binge Eating Disorder Conference in March

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The Binge Eating Disorder 2013 National Conference will be coming to Bethesda, Maryland this March 8-10, 2013.  Binge eating disorder affects more than 8 million people — more than anorexia and bulimia combined. It’s often not talked about so many people aren’t aware of it.

Registered Dietitians / Nutritionists Special Workshop

I spoke and attended the conference last year (and am speaking again this year), and it was an amazing experience for me seeing as I have many clients who struggle with binge eating disorder.

There will be a day-long track targeting what RDs need to know in identifying BED, effective treatment strategies, working in a care team, tools and resources, and more.

Even if you are an RD who is not in private practice, if you cover weight management or emotional eating at all in your work, you will likely benefit from attending. I think it is important to our patients/clients that we know how to screen for BED and help them get help if we don’t treat it ourselves — it is the most common eating disorder after all, but it is poorly screened. We can help!

Individuals, Families, and Friends

It’s not just for RDs/nutritionists — there is also a track for individuals, families and friends as well as for mental health and other treatment professionals.

If you’re someone who struggles with emotional eating, disordered eating or eating disorders, including binge eating, you can check out my website ( for more information on my counseling services.

You can visit for complete conference details or click here to register online now.

I hope to see you there!

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