Popular Summer Myths Debunked – My Interview with Washington Post

Posted on June 25, 2012 by rebeccascritchfield

Recently, The Washington Post interviewed me for an article on five common summer myths. It made the front page of the Health section. (Pretty cool ink!) Naturally, they came to me to debunk a few common food myths. My expert opinion helped settle the old age questions of, ‘is it bad if I swallowed a bunch of watermelon seeds?’ (can one really grow in your belly?) and ‘should I avoid swimming within 30 minutes after eating?’  I had so much fun with this article! If you, like so many Americans, have always wondered the truthful answers to these questions or at least want some FUN facts, check out the full article!

I know learned some interesting things from the article, too! Like how to treat the dreaded jellyfish sting, or case of poison ivy.  As much as I hope nobody faces a jellyfish or a poison patch this summer, I hope you can take away some helpful tips to have a safer, smarter summer.

Check it out: Summer Myths debunked!

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