Sights and Sounds From the #FNCE Exhibit Floor: Walnuts, Cabot and Cranberries!

I’ve been making my way around the exhibit hall here at 2012 FNCE and wanted to share a few videos that I’ve shot along the way…

I was invited by the California Walnut Board to Supper Restaurant where their menu serves all locally sourced produce. Their Executive Chef, Mitch Prensky showed us all how to prepare a delicious kale, walnut and ricotta appetizer on freshly made walnut bread. To see how to make it check out the video below:

New Connection Between Male Fertility and Walnuts

The board shared with us that research findings soon to be released looked at a group of males age 22-35 — the control group followed their regular diet, and the test group added 2-2.5 oz. of walnuts to their daily diet. They found that the males in the walnut-consuming group had a higher sperm count, better sperm shape, and increased sperm motility.

And, you might think that those in the test group might have experienced weight gain from taking in additional calories from adding in walnuts, but that wasn’t the case. The test group experienced no weight gain side effect. This might be due to the walnuts replacing other less nutritious foods, or the men may have naturally cutback some calories elsewhere in their diet on their own.

To me this means that it’s beneficial for men to add walnuts into an already balanced eating plan.

Stay tuned for the research and what this could mean for male fertility! We already know eating well improves fertility. If you think you need help with that, reach out to me. If I can’t see you, I can help you find someone.

I stopped by the Cabot booth to check out some of their new products. I was excited to learn they are launching a new Sharp Extra Light cheese that’s 75% less fat, lower in sodium and tastes great! They also have a new greek style yogurt that’s not just high in protein, but is also fortified with vitamin D which is important for calcium absorption. Check out the video below for more info!

I was really excited to hear that in 2013 a number of brands will start offering 50% less added sugar dried cranberries! Cranberries have been known to help keep our urinary tract healthy — according to the Cranberry Marketing Committee:

It turns out that cranberries contain compounds called proanthocyanidins (PACs) that have strong bacterial anti-adhesion properties. PACs interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the cells that line the bladder wall. Instead of sticking to the bladder wall and causing an infection (and the subsequent pain), the bacteria get flushed out in the urine.

Check out the video below with US Cranberries to hear more about the health benefits of cranberries:

Disclosure: The California Walnut Board paid for my dinner, but I was not compensated for writing this post or any of these videos by any of the organizations mentioned.

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