Struggling With Balanced Eating Habits? Choose My Plate!

If you have ever played darts, or even if you just understand it, then you know how to use “Choose My Plate” to help you put together healthy plates at each meal. Choose my plate is the guide (and best I’ve seen) from the USDA to empower people to make healthy food choices.

Why darts?

I compare “Choose My Plate” to darts because of the “bullseye”. In darts, you strive to hit the bullseye. You aim to get as close as you can pretty much every throw, and sometimes (let’s face it) you’re happy to get on the board!

That is how I view the realities of healthy eating. There’s really nothing perfect at all about the factors that influence our decision of what goes on our plates and in our bodies. We have so much to do between work, taking care of the family, and exercise (remember that?)

I don’t know many people who get through their day effortlessly. We might forget to bring our lunch to work or race out of the house without breakfast. We need to have something very simple and memorable to help guide our food choices whether we’re at the grocery store, restaurant, or a gas station. (I have been hungry at a gas station and have had access to a banana and yogurt so it’s possible!)

Let the Plate Guide You

“My Plate” is just the kind of simple guide that can help you no matter where you’re at in healthy eating. Each meal is a chance to try to hit the bullseye. Even if you come close, and you replace some of the less healthy choices you’ve been making, you are making a difference. I bet you will feel better from an energy standpoint and feel better about eating well.

Looking at the plate, half fruits and veggies (not an or — I find many people think OR veggies — you can’t avoid ‘em, peeps) is a good visual. Some of my fave ways include:

  • “Green smoothies”
  • Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and a side of berries
  • fajita bowl with beans, brown rice, tri-color peppers, pineapple, and chicken

Be Comfortable Full

No matter what is on the plate, enjoying your food and being in touch with your fullness trump all else. You know that uncomfortable feeling – a sign you ate to much. Your body is telling you something. Oh well, you aren’t perfect, but perhaps its a learning experience.

What do YOU think of “MyPlate”?

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