Top Ten Ways RDs Can Get Involved With “Let’s Move”

Posted on March 28, 2013 by rebeccascritchfield

letsmoveweblogoI love “Let’s Move” for several reasons. First, it focuses on realistic and healthful habits. It’s not just nutrition or just exercise. It is also positive in its messaging… for the most part.

My one criticism is the emphasis on “childhood obesity”. I’m a supporter of size diversity and abolishing size discrimination from the planet. I support the “Health At Every Size” Principles. I would LOVE it if “Let’s Move” could evolve and take a “body-positive” approach and step away from mentioning BMI. It is not a measure of health or healthy habits.

Nevertheless, we can use passionate food and nutrition experts (who also support size diversity, hopefully) out there getting involved with Let’s Move in their communities.

As a new mom, I especially love the idea of engaging childcare providers, in encouraging breastfeeding and helping them provide nourishing meals and snacks. I love the idea of integrating food and math education with cooking workshops. What ideas do you have for “Let’s Move”? What do you think of this “top 10″ list?

  1. Spread the word about Let’s Move! through social media! Follow Let’s Move! on Twitter and Facebook. Retweet and share their messages. Tag @letsmove or #letsmove in your social media posts related to childhood nutrition & obesity. Add a link to on your website or blog. Mention the Let’s Move! initiative in your blog.
  2. Excite students & parents about healthy eating by encouraging schools schools to get involved with the Salad Bars 2 Schools Program to apply for a salad bar.
  3. Motivate Child Care Providers to meet the five Child Care Goals. Direct them to the resource center for tips and tools.
  4. Provide information about Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens to museum, garden, and library directors. Encourage those currently signed up to “get active” in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  5. Encourage congregations and communities to Lead, Organize, and Take Action to develop wellness leadership.
  6. Inspire your mayors and elected community officials to sign up for Let’s Move! Cities, Towns, and Counties.
  7. Host an info-session for parents who want to lead by example. See the five Simple Tips to Success and encourage parents to take action.
  8. Provide education or information about the Let’s Move! initiatives to your patients/clients.
  9. Visit the Let’s Move! website for materials for your patients/clients. Provide handouts during counseling sessions, wellness seminars, etc.
  10. Spread the word to colleagues so that we can reach more RDs & begin to develop our initiatives for Let’s Move! hosted by us all (or regional ones).

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