What to do When “Healthy Resolutions” Fail

Ditch your “New Year’s Resolutions” already? You’re not alone. By this time in the year, over 46 million Americans admit that they’re struggling with their healthy Resolutions, according to a survey by Evolution Fresh. I’ll share a secret with you, you didn’t fail – the diet did. Instead of diets, committing to simple changes you can actually stick to will lead to great success in the long haul.

This past week I appeared on WBAL Let’s Talk Live to share some simple, easy, and realistic tips for every day healthy eating that will keep you and those healthy “New Year’s Resolutions” on track this year. Check out the full video below or keep reading to learn about my healthy tips.

Drink Your Veggies

Drinking vegetable juice is the hottest “health and wellness” trend for 2014, according to the survey. It makes sense because we’re all so busy, but we still would like to make healthy choices.

 sweet-greens-lemon-juiceEvolution Fresh takes a different approach to juice. It rushes its favorite fruits and vegetables to the juicery where they’re pressed, squeezed and bottled cold. Then they use a method called high pressure processing instead of heat pasteurization to bring you this flavorful and nutritious juice.

With many tasty flavors to choose from, these veggie-based juices have ingredients like kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon, apple. Add some green to your day with Evolution Fresh juices, available at your local Whole Foods and Starbucks retailers.

Snack Smart

According to a recent survey by Driscoll’s more than 97% of people feel a “snack attack” come on in the afternoon and half of the people enjoy a snack around 3. Most people at the office work and snack at the same time! However, distracted eating is a habit worth breaking.

Take a break for some “afternoon energy” with portable good-for-you snacks, like blueberries! These little blue marvels are pack with antioxidants and vitamin C, making them a smart snack choice.

blueberry trail mix

What’s easier than picking them up from the store and eating them right out of the container? Or you can make a portable snack ahead of time and bring it with you to work, like this Gluten-Free Spicy Blueberry trail mix , Gluten-Free Blueberry Macaroons, or cocoa bites which can be a more nutritious choice than a vending machine snack.

Check out Discolls.com for dozens of other delicious blueberry recipes.

Modify, Don’t Eliminate

For people who are more calorie or carbohydrate conscious, the tendency is to try to cut out carbs completely. But taking away foods you like can just end up making you want them more.

I love Thomas’s Bagel Thins as an option. Each delicious Thomas’ Bagel Thins variety is just the right size, at 110 calories and 4-5g of fiber per bagel, and are now the only branded bagel endorsed by Weight Watchers®, with PointsPlus® value of 3 per bagel. bagel thin packagingIn 100% whole wheat with 21 grams of whole grains – Try this “Hawaiian style”  for an easy breakfast or snack, or an Everything “Southwestern” with egg, avocado, red pepper, and cilantro – this could be a quick dinner if you’re on your own or a nice weekend breakfast. Thomas’ Bagel Thins  are available in Cinnamon Raisin, Everything, 100% Whole Wheat and Plain varieties and can be found at most large grocery retailers.

What are some of your realistic healthy eating tips? Leave a comment below to share some of your favorite healthy eating tips.

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