Transform Blah Bedroom Décor Into a Space to Adore

Create an inviting bedroom atmosphere

While Cupid prepares to strike his arrow, we should allow ourselves to take his cue and prepare our home for a month filled with sweet luxurious feelings. And since February is all about spreading the love, this segment of my New Year, New Room series features ideas on how to show yourself some love with bedroom décor you're sure to adore!

Follow these simple steps to create a relaxed and refreshed master bedroom to fall in love with.

1. Stop and smell the roses! Well, perhaps I should rephrase… wake up to the lovely scent of roses. There's nothing more inviting than a home filled with fresh flowers. Most Saturdays, I set my alarm for the crack of dawn and head over to Manhattan’s Flower District before they close at 10:30am. It’s worth getting up early to pick out a selection of gorgeous blooms that I’ll enjoy throughout the week and I always choose something special for the bedside table. Try placing a small vase next to your bed as a surefire way to start the day feeling energized.

2. Add a splash of rich decadent color. Francesco Bilotto, interior designer and styling expert for F.b. Home, suggests that we “take a note from Valentino Garavani, the king of couture, and infuse his signature color red into our bedrooms.” Francesco has styled homes and events for some of the nation’s most prestigious and chic individuals. He believes there is no better room in the house to add elements of luxury than in the bedroom. And, there’s plenty of room to make sure the items are budget-friendly! Depending on the room’s aesthetic, try adding modern pillows if you live in a loft or a rich crimson colored throw for a romantic feeling.

Honey Pie Design Love Pillow, $38.00

3. Create texture. Touch and texture is the best way to create a comfortable and cozy vibe. Alter your bedrooms texture by swapping out your old headboard for an oversized wooden one for an updated and more dramatic feel. Or, add in a new rug, a soft fringe throw, seagrass baskets, or a unique piece of furniture.

Serena and Lily Flokati Rug, $155.00

4. Use leftover décor! Don’t forget that one of the most popular holidays of the year has just passed - Christmas! Not to mention, it’s most iconic color is red! Francesco’s budget-friendly expert tip: “Leftover holiday décor can double as a mood-setter for Valentine’s Day. Don’t wait until next year’s holiday season rolls around to display red and white candles. Place them on a stylish silver tray next to your bed to set a warm romantic vibe.”

Illume Candles Mulled Wine Pillars, $19.50

Now that your bedroom is ready, it’s time to slip into some luxurious sheets, relax with a good book, and doze off to sleep while dreaming of “be-mines” and Valentines!

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