An Elderly Nursing Home Man Responds to Music

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How to Get Inspired Anytime, Anywhere
Today's guest blogger is mother, writer and filmmaker Kristen Wolf. Her latest book is called The Way, an O Magazine fall reading list pick (yep, that's Oprah). Enjoy! If you asked ten people how they connect with their spirit, you would get ten different answers. Some attend yoga class, meditate

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Your Past Is Not Your Future
My faith in the future is mostly based on what I've seen happen in the past. When I make plans about this year and next, my memories have a lot to contribute to the conversation. I'm sure you're the same. We all base our beliefs and what we know without question on our experiences. I've even heard v

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People Who Do Good: Shari Grimes and The Hope House
I think we need to hear more about good things. In this world of natural disasters and tragedies of every kind, I want to read about people helping one another and being living, breathing miracles. That's why I'm starting a series on people who do good. I'm highlighting individuals and organizations

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No More "Should's"
"I should be a better mother." "I should be in that corner office." "I shouldn't feel this way. It's wrong." The deadly "should's" of life... They place little bars of expectation over our heads -- telling us what we need to have or how we need to behave in order to be perfect. I agree

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Be Expectant and Miracle-Ready
I thought I was out of wedding season, but after New Years, I found many friends getting engaged and planning their nuptials. I see lots of bridal magazines, countdowns and conversations about the many, many different shades of white. My Facebook page glitters with smiling couples and flashy rings.

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