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People Who Do Good: The Adventures of Coach Crawford
In March, I proudly started a series on people who go the extra mile to inspire and enrich the community around them. First, we met Shari Grimes and the work she does for the Hope House, then we met a few lovely young ladies at the Focus Institute who challenged each other to go without make-up for

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Don't Get Stuck in the Storm
We are fortunate here at Beliefnet to work on the 19th floor of a building that is poised on the edge of Norfolk. From the office window where the editors work, our view spans across at least five cities. We can see traffic for miles along the interstate. On a particularly clear day, we can see the

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Great Proposals: Man Says, 'Marry Me' with Friends Dancing in the Street
I know that the movie theater proposal was pretty great. But have you seen this one? A man gets 60 of his closest friends and a song by Bruno Mars to tell his girlfriend that she makes him so happy, it's worth dancing in the street!

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Rewriting Your Fairy Tale
In a movie that came out not too long ago, a 40-something woman reads a storybook to her friend's daughter. As they approach the last page, she read, "'... and Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.'" She closes the book and looks at the young girl, adding, "You know, things don't alway

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Think You Can't Lose Weight? Watch This Inspiring Video
I'm going to let this video speak for itself. Never give up. Just don't. Learn more about Arthur at Team DDP.

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